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how to get a new car - it's easy

July 11th, 2021 at 12:31 am

Interesting thing happened today. I drove up and used my prepaid Toyota Sienna oil change packet.  It is synthetic and they had a deal of $300 for 5 oil changes at the dealership.  Cost about the same as going to a jiffy lube. Oil changes are expensive now!

Anyway I drive up and the guy comes to my window and say they'll be with me.  How do I like my car?  I say it's great I have no complaints.  Just got back from a roadtrip and planned it this way.  He says your car is very desirable.  AWD minivan. I say great.  He says they just redesigned the toyota and it's a hybrid. You would have saved a lot of money on the road trip. I say probably true. I'll get to that post tomorrow.  I say that's amazing.  He says would you like to trade in your vehicle?   I can get you in for only $200 a month or maybe even less.

I'm sitting there in shock. I'm like not really.  I can't have payments right now.  But he's like we can work with it.   I tell him but here's the deal I don't think you can.  I want the highest model with all the bells and whistles and leather and DVD player and hybrid.  He says you can afford it more than you know.  All of them come with hybrid batteries.  Nice the mpg is 36/38 city and freeway driving.  But a new car?  Another payment?  No thanks.

But it was crazy to see how smart the dealership was.  Asking about my car and telling me how much I liked it and how great the new car was.  I could easily see how it would be to want the new car.  I will admit for a second I was tempted.  But then I remembered. I just refinanced to afford saving easier. I have a paid for car for almost 1 year of no payments.  Wouldn't it be nice to never have payments again?

6 Responses to “how to get a new car - it's easy”

  1. VS_ozgirl Says:

    That guy was smooth to come up to you and do that but good work in remembering the benefits of no car payments! To never have car payments again would be nice but is probably unrealistic but right now you are in the sweet spot of having a good car with no repayments - hold onto it for as long as you can!

  2. Fern Says:

    Yeah, I've been tempted lately to get a new car because I drive a boring 2013 Honda sedan that just does not meet my needs. It runs great, like any other Honda I've owned, but I regret buying it because it has a tiny trunk and I'd like either an SUV or at least a hatchback. And the mileage, while good by most people's standards, is not good enough for me.

  3. rob62521 Says:

    I know used cars are at a premium where we live. But, that guy was certainly smooth.

  4. LivingAlmostLarge Says:

    I mean I get letters in the mail saying to bring it in for trade and I'll still get $15k for it. It's 6 years old and I paid $28k so about 50% depreciation in 4 years. That's after it was around $50k when I bought and took a 40% depreciation hit buying a 2 year old car. I mean 50% seems like a lot still.

  5. terri77 Says:

    They love to get you to trade in your paid off car so they can get more money out of you.

  6. LuckyRobin Says:

    Yeah, they want my Sienna mini-van, too. It's ten years old, but only 51,000 miles. But I've had no car payments since 2015 and I like it that way. I will drive the thing until it dies. With regular maintenance it should last a long, long time. We may have to replace the seats at some point and repaint, but better that than replace the vehicle itself. If we are careful with the van, we may only ever have to buy one more vehicle in our lifetime and I intend for that to be paid for in cash.

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