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Decided to invest

August 15th, 2020 at 12:24 am

So I just dumped a ton of money into the stock market and gave up on waiting to buy investment property and moving. Was talked into it by a CFP that our 15 year time frame is ridiculous to be sitting so heavy in cash. So I pulled the trigger. I guess the market could crash but then at the same time he's right in that the market has 15 years.

I also started to reinvest more for the kids 529; $250/month into each account so $3000/year each and $2000 into ESA. This is my biggest accomplishment and the thing I'm most proud of. Saving for my kids college and taxable accounts. I looked at what I have and we have saved around $55-65k for each kiddo. Split between taxable and college savings about 60% college/40% taxable.

Ideally I want to preserve their 40% taxable for them for maybe a house and a head start in life. Imagine if I can get them to save into a Roth IRA in high school it would be amazing.

But right now I'm nervous. It's been a long time since we've had only 6 months of cash in EF. I am debating even dropping it lower. We have about 6 months in I bonds as well so it's not only cash.

How do most people handle it?