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June 2020 Net Worth, Eating Out and Whole 30

July 10th, 2020 at 09:09 pm

The whole 30 is over but I'm mostly continuing it. I like it. I liked how it made me feel and I like how easy it is. I think it's helped a lot. Did it make me lose weight? 10 lbs or so in a month. But I think I can see long term weight loss and getting to a steady state by just making better choices. Since it's been a few days I've added back soy, peanut butter, butter, and corn. I'm going to stick to a modified whole 30 without sugar and processed foods and some dairy for cooking. I think that by eating this way I'll be able to lose more weight and maintain it. I do eat carbs. I eat sweet pototates and whole potatoes. I eat brown rice a little and a bit of whole wheat pasta. But the real change is being aware of all the junk food i was eating which was a lot and really all the alcohol i was drinking. I"m still off alcohol till 9/1 to see how much more weight i can lose. I don't know when I'll feel like I can drink again. Really the truth is it's that my eating becomes out of control while drinking. I keep eating cheese and crackers and picking. I drink a lot as well as we sit. I can sit for hours from say 5-9 pm and finish at least 3-4 glasses of wine which is a bottle of wine really. This translates into poor eating and too many calories.

Our Retirement is up
$129k LAL Roth
$360k DH Roth
$548k DH 401k

Taxable $500k+, debt paid down $15k since start of year. The year will be a good one. We're at $1.821M net worth and I guess we'll hit $2.1 by end of year if the stock market doesn't tank.

Spending last month was a bit strange. We spent $590 on eating out with $332.84 during our road trip, $258 otherwise. Not bad. Realizing I did not drink during the road trip.

Groceries we spent $994 on groceries. Which for us is a record. Since this does not include the $150 on alcohol I know DH spent on buying beer and wine to bring back to his cousin watching our dog and for himself. Wowza. Good job!

We had an awesome roadtrip. I think we beat the surge. Now the question is what is next? I have no idea but at least we got out before. I will admit we spent quite a bit on the "right" type of lodging but it was a pretty epic trip.