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YTD spending

May 1st, 2020 at 12:08 am

I was interested to see if our spending habits changed. It has slightly.

Jan $260.42
Feb $192.75
March $200.66 - stay at home started but we took two weekend aways before it did
April $38.71 - filled each car once

Guess we are saving on gas.

Groceries - this is interesting
January - $1237.4
Feb - $413.15
March - $966.25
April - $1322.01
= $984.7 Average

Eating out
Jan - $628.49
Feb - $559.78
March - $614.83
April $404.28
=551.84 Average

Not really a huge savings. I know we are supposed to be saving more but it feels like we aren't. But then again I just shopped today 4/30 and spent $414 at costco included in that $1322 total.

We haven't been buying stuff online so I guess that's savings. But in general we don't. I guess it'll be interesting because our April shopping for groceries is really for May. How much will I really spend in May?

I also know I stocked up on essentials and bought a lot of stuff at costco that wasn't "groceries". Today I bought two bike helmets and 2 LOL toys for $100. I also bought all my alcohol for the past two months and juices and toilet paper, paper towels and a lot of stockpiled laundry detergent, etc.

I will admit that my overall CC is much lower than normal. Also the eating out is like 1x/week but we spend more I think because we want to have more than 1 meal from takeout.

Anyway today I bought beef brisket, bulgogi, pork short ribs, carne asada meat, carnitas. That should last us at least 3 weeks of meat without going to costco. I also bought veggies and fruits.

stocks and meal planning and reopening

April 27th, 2020 at 11:43 pm

I sold two fridays ago and locked in some gains. I bought like $2k of shorts on dow jones and SP. Today i bought however VOO and QQQ, not sure which way it's going. I cashed out the kids and locked in gains for a bit. I want to see where the market is headed.

That being said we're having lasagna tonight with homemade bolognase sauce I made in slow cooker overnight. Last week I made curry. My kids are done with curry, stew, and chili. I think this week I'm making loco moco, dumplings, pierogies. I'm also thinking of going grocery shopping FINALLY first time in a month. It's been 4 weeks since a major costco run and I am due. I also am thinking about trader joes. I haven't been since February.

So if my state re-opens? What will I do? Well we won't be going out to dinner. We will do takeout still probably once a week maybe more. It took us about 3 weeks to do takeout and now we do it about once a week. I think we might do it more frequently if everything lifts.

We will though still likely cook and I'll minimize going to grocery store. I mean we don't use instacart or grocery delivery because it means waiting and I don't bother. But I think we'll start weekly shopping again after we re-open. Right now once a month is hard. But I'll also go to more stores instead of costco and safeway.

I will miss being able to just go to the store when we want. I will also go solo still and leave DH and kids at home. It's been a long time since the kids have been or DH out somewhere. I think they'd like to go, but my kids seem nervous. I also think that we'll probably have friends come over for a meal. Can't wait. That's the biggest thing is this social distancing. We want to see our friends and families. DH's cousin came over yesterday, first time in 8 weeks or something? And we had drinks in our driveway 6 ft plus apart. It wasn't the same. Usually we see them 2x/month or every other week for dinner or dessert. Usually we'd be planning on flying to see my parents or in-laws or BIL. Now we have no plans.

I feel like the days are lovely and calm but dragging on. Anyway I'm hopeful that we can at least socialize a little with people. But I do believe people will socialize differently and not the same way. I really don't think people will go back to eating out asap. Or going to salon. I'll be practicing cutting DH's hair for awhile.

generation X made for this

April 10th, 2020 at 11:00 pm

I read all these articles talking about how generation Xers have been made for this moment. Staying at home, doing nothing. That we were born and raised to it. Truth. It was funny they called us the least parented generation. We were the kids raised latch key because women were either going to the workforce or they were getting divorced and going back to work.

We were the generation of kids who rode the bus, made a snack, did our homework, often did laundry, helped with dinner, etc. We just knew how to do everything. Funny I'd forgotten what it was like but really that was us. As a generation we were independent and content to be at home alone. To be home and solo. We knew how to entertain ourselves without internet. We watched a lot of tv sure but we did a lot of other stuff too. Even now I see fellow generation Xers relaxing and talking about how this reminds them of then.

And further? We now have to yell at our boomer parents. I write this because I have been arguing with my boomer mother about how she had to go out today to drop off her taxes to get done. Why? I said stay home. She said I have to go out everyday to get the paper. I said order it. I said I'll order it. NO she says. I need to go out grocery shopping. Unable to stay at home, feeling confident and honestly not "old" these boomers are more vibrant than past generations. They don't feel "old". They don't feel like they should be part of the "danger" group.

If I could slap my head I would. But for everyone out there arguing with their parents I feel your pain! Ugh this is the only place I can vent I feel. That and my DH who is also venting a bit at his parents. But they don't feel old or in need of sheltering. They feel great and healthier than ever.

savings and spending

April 10th, 2020 at 10:42 pm

Called ameriprise and we are getting some sort of premium relief. What it is and how much we are getting back. They have no idea. But it's something and I'll take it!

LuckyRobin asked will people change their habits after this financial hit? The irresponsible people? I think there are more than few factors at play. I think that yes there are many irresponsible people.

I also think that a lot of people have change their way they view employment and a lot of people are doing things like Uber, Lyft, DoorDash, etc 1099-M "self-employed contractors" making "good" money but not realizing they weren't paying unemloyment insurance, taxes, SS, etc. They thought what they were making was great money but not realizing they weren't really calculating how much they were really making if they responsible paid for everything. Instead they were caught at tax time and moments like this where they were not employees and couldn't get unemployment $.

I think that people are suddenly going to get a wake up call that those jobs are not paying the $25-30/hr. No they are way less but that they are making a living off the backs of "stupid" people who don't really know what they are making.

Yes things will cost more. Things will have increase in price to get delivered in 2 days. That an uber ride is not a cheap fare. Perhaps we'll finally stop susidizing these companies which aren't making money.

I think that people white collar workers might get hit in this recession. That they will get the hit of "omg" that free flowing money into companies making nothing it'll be a redo of 2000/2001 burst as well as the 2008 great recession.

I would argue that we are heading into a deep depression and vicious cycle of losing jobs, income, housing and we are not able to "spend" our way out of it.

I'm part of generation X. I feel like those of us in this generation has lived through 3 major recessions. 2000/2001, 2008, and 2020. We have weathered it all. We graduated and were young workers when the bubbled popped and 9/11. We were in the midst of buying our "homes" and having families in 2008 when we lost our "Jobs". And now we are in the precarious position of being vulnerable workers subject to being laid off because now we "cost" too much. Most of our neighbors and friends are going through this now and we agree that our age around 40-55 we as a group have always felt unstable with jobs. Perhaps millenials feel they can't find jobs, but generation X have navigated the rough road not having jobs to having precarious jobs.

I think that generation X in general is expecting to not have a pension and we'd be the first generation to attempt to retire without one. We are the first generation to absorb job/income insecurity.

I can understand how it makes some of my generation more irresponsible with money because to them it's easy come and easy go. And you never know what the future holds so just do it.

But I'm hoping we all make it out to the other side in one piece. And our economy somewhat intact. If not then I believe generation X will be out of work shortly.

day trading day 5

April 5th, 2020 at 10:24 pm

I didn't have margin accounts set up to do options. I applied so I'll have to wait. Either way I placed orders to open tomorrow.

I'm buying
50 shares of DXD $1600
50 shares of SDS $1500

I want to buy a put option (shorting) expedia. I think it'll drop by May 15th to $40. If I get approved I'll buy it.

I believe that will be a $1200 bet. That should be it for me for awhile. That will be $10k in stock bets I have no idea if I'll win. It will also be stocks I don't want to hold.

I am thinking of buying some currency trades as well.

day trading day 2

April 3rd, 2020 at 08:45 pm

So I invested more than I expected today. I sunk in $23k in cash into the market. I said I was sticking to $5-10k, but I ended up more. Why? Here's what I bought and I'll explain below why and what happened.

Stock Cost Daily Value Gain/Loss
UCO $809.95 $1,490.00 $680.05
CCL $806.00 $851.00 $45.00
Costco $5,790.20 $5,772.80 -$17.40
JETS $1,209.00 $1,230.00 $21.00
TSLA $4,786.10 $4,789.60 $3.50
TUP $130.50 $140.00 $9.50
WMT $2,368.00 $2,387.80 $19.80
WTIU $210.00 $220.00 $10.00
KO $4,365.50 $4,387.00 $21.50
KO $5,883.00 $4,387.00 -$1,496.00
KO SUM $10,249.50 $8,774.00 -$1,475.50
XOM $3,924.00 $3,940.00 $16.00
XOM $6,260.95 $3,940.00 -$2,320.95
XOM SUM $10,184.95 $7,880.00 -$2,304.95

First I dollar cost averaged another 100 shares of Coke (KO) and Exxon Mobil (XOM). I like the dividend of both stocks so I figured why not. The long term play is to hold both stocks. This was an extra $8k invested. I DCA KO at $51.74. and XOM at $50.9248. It's possible it'll drop more and I'll want to buy more. But the reasons why I wanted them are still there so I'm buying.

Second I bought 10 shares of Tesla (TSLA) for $4789. I had been regretted not buying TSLA when it hit $900/share and have been wanting to hold it long term. I think it'll be the best EV maker. So I pulled the trigger and I'll be holding it awhile.

Third my interesting possible long term play is Costco (COST) and Walmart (WMT). I put my money where my mouth is. I shop a lot at costco. I think they are going to have a blockbuster quarter and are recession proof. I think the same of walmart. Everyone else I know lives in an urban/suburband bubble. But I think WMT is best positioned for this recession and online grocery order. I think amazon has problems with delivery and stocking groceries. But walmart? They are literally in every small town and across america. They have everything and during this time and moving forward I believe that people will turn to something that is easy to shop. And walmart is getting their online shopping and delivery up to speed. Amazon is struggling with delivery and warehouses. WMT has warehouses already built. These are two stocks I think are long term holds possibly. I also think they are going to go gangbusters during this "recession".

Finally I put in about $3100 in stocks I think can go bust. Literally go to $0.

UCO $809.945 - Crude Oil 2x
CCL $806 - Carnival Cruise Lines need i say more
JETS -$1290 - Airline ETF
TUP - $130 - Tupperware
WTIU - $210 - Oil ETF 3x

So here it is day 2.

day trading day 1

April 3rd, 2020 at 02:10 am

So I figure everyone can have a good laugh and watch my adventure into day trading. I'm going to start buying some stocks or etfs and just day trade. I'm going to do it here and there

500 UCO for $809.95 purchase
today $1125

Now I'm contemplating TSLA but this is a long term position hold. As well as JETS ETF. The problem is that I think the market might crater again and I'm hesitating.

I'm also contemplating uber. I missed when it hit $14. I'm also wanting to buy Carnival Cruise line. The question is when?

being home...

April 1st, 2020 at 09:23 pm

DH has been at home working for a month. I'm about to start and it's going to be hard. I am struggling because right now DH can't do work and be head teacher. I'm doing it and it's hard, harder than I ever imagined. I used to think homeschooling would be cool and I always admired parents who did it. Now I think I'm not sure I can do it but people who do are amazing. However I can't imagine trying to homeschool while working full time. I can easily see how everything goes off the rails fast. When I was trying to work in office (I ended last thursday) the house was off the rails. Everything a mess, barely hanging on. It was a nightmare.

What do I find hard? Maybe it's because I worry we aren't keeping up. I worry that I'm not doing it right. I worry that am I really engaging the kids as much as they should.

I will admit I am lucky. Lucky how? We are not financial unstable so whatever happens DH and I are fine. I don't need to work so I can focus on the kids. Lucky that our kid's are special needs so the IEP for speech and hearing isn't like many others who normally have a full time aid. Parents who need extra support and are floundering. Finally we are also lucky that we live somewhere awesome. How so?

While we are social distancing we are also able to go outside and ride bikes 2x a day rain or shine with neighbors. There are 2 other families with kids exactly in 2nd and 4th grade. And another family with slightly younger kids who is grateful to get them outside. This somewhat social interaction for 30-60 minutes a time gives us time to talk at a distance. Sometimes we even sit in chairs and chat. Also kids get much needed exercise and working out.

On a funny note I keep seeing memes about Generation Xers being ready for this. We were made for this. YES! The once unparented generation of latchkey kids are ready to stay at home. We totally get how to chill at home and relax and be amused. We aren't needing to go out. We are happiest at home. I guess our childhoods of working and/or divorced parents did prepare this for us.

How are you dealing with the lockdown if you are under one?