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Inflation or not?

May 4th, 2024 at 03:53 pm

I'm nerdy and if you are reading this you are nerdy too about money.  You wouldn't be on this site if you didn't care or like to excel and plan your spending.

Anyway for years DH and I have a running excel spreadsheet of our car mileage.  We have price, miles driven, etc.  DH said it was so we could observe if a MPG thing happened then we'd know something was wrong with our cars. So I've been doing it since 2010 when we bought our subaru outback.  The car 14 years old is still being driven by my mom.  So any I decided I'll price my tracked PPG for the past 14 years.  Mind you it's a bit odd since it started on the east coast and has now landed on the west coast.  But it's been consistently a Costco fill up since we've always weirdly lived by costco.  Now we live about 1.5 miles ( I can walk there) and it's pretty much our closest grocery store.  Costco is always the cheapest gas and if you are on a roadtrip you can usually find them right off the highway.

6/12/2010 $2.74/gallon

6/12/2011 $3.84/gallon

6/14/2012 $3.60/gallon

6/15/2013 $3.52/gallon

6/19/2014 $3.66/gallon

6/11/2015 $2.54/gallon - last fill up on the east coast we left on epic road trip 7/3/2015 (recall photos???)

6/22/2016 $2.48/gallon - west coast and subaru legacy instead of outback

6/18/2017 $2.50/gallon

6/6/2018 $3.26/gallon

6/19/2023 $3.46/gallon

6/17/2020 $2.44/gallon

6/12/2021 $3.90/gallon

6/14/2022 $5.20/gallon

6/14/2023 $4.57/gallon

Now are heading into our annual check but last fill up?  4/24/2024 was $4.57/gallon.  

Do but we drive an annual average of around 9000 miles a year we have 80k miles in 9.5 years and our average miles per gallon?  24.519 mpg and average cost has been $0.14 cents per mile.  So about $1260 in gas per year average. Of course with prices much higher we are spending more.

This leads me into our pursuit of trying to figure out our next car, kwim?  You know our insurance debacle and garage door totalling our car.  Monday I'm finally dropping it off for "repairs" but I am pretty sure I'll be getting  call about it being totalled.  It has to be 80% of the value to be considered a total loss and that is like $12,800 our repairs are $12,300. So a sneeze and we're over the number.

Anyway just though you budget nerds would love this.