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stuff cost you a lot

June 14th, 2017 at 12:53 pm

Stuff costs a lot. I mean buying yes costs money. Sure you can save money buying it used. Thrift store or garage sale shopping. But even if you buy everything used and cheaper it's still stuff. You need somewhere to store it. You need to move it. You need to organize it.

I saw this as we are about to move and everyone asks me how the packing is going and I say it's not. I say I am throwing things out and I'm trying to organize what I have so that I don't move it. They nod and look really confused.

I say that I think I need to purge more than pay movers to move unnecessary stuff. I've got friends seriously on both sides of the spectrum. Those who buy new and have tons of stuff. They tend to have big homes and lots of space.

The idea that we are moving to a smaller house that cost more seems well ridiculous and in some ways it is. But then we also have friends who buy second hand everything but also have tons of stuff. They are in their home and paying for a storage unit for 5 years because they can't fit everything into their house but they shop all garage sales, craigslist, thrift stores. I get it they probably don't spend as much but I really question that. I mean 5 years of a storage unit?

I don't say this but I'm thinking this in my head. Either way the things in your house costs a lot. I'm not perfect, not by a long shot. I have a lot of junk in my house that I am struggling to downsize and be motivated to get rid of it.

I write this because I am panicking that we are moving into a really small house compared to what we were hoping for and I know there isn't storage. So I am trying to come to terms that I may have to purge more upon moving.

But ever item I look at and ask "does it make me happy" I tell myself it's just stuff. Yes it cost money to buy. But it costs just as much to store. And my life can't be ruled by things.

I need to live comfortably and having less stuff to fit into the house we bought is a priority. The answer is not make more money and buy a bigger house. The answer is make your space work for what you can afford. Maybe if you can't fit your stuff then stop buying things is the answer.

Today's mini goal purge 1 box from the garage. Go through it and sort what I keep and I was discard.

4 Responses to “stuff cost you a lot”

  1. creditcardfree Says:

    You have the right attitude! Less is more in more ways than one. It is not worth moving around if you aren't using it in the first place.

    I have a neighbor who has been storing furniture for 4 years to the tune of $100 a month. She can't fit it in this current home or the last house they were in. She did describe a set of very unusual chairs that she is storing. Those I can see keeping, but just find a place in your home if they are that unique and important. She currently lives in a 2400 sq ft home.

  2. rob62521 Says:

    As CCF states, you have the right attitude. I am guilty of having too much stuff and I look at it and think if we ever move, I will need to get rid of over half of it. A friend whose dad was an auctioneer stated that we spend a lifetime collecting things and an auctioneer spends a couple of hours selling it...kind of strange.

    CCF, we have friends who store stuff for years too and I agree, either find a place in your home or get rid of it. I could see renting a place if you needed to store stuff prior to a move or selling your house and you needed to declutter, but to store stuff for years because you don't have room hoping you might. Yikes.

  3. ThriftoRama Says:

    That really is the way to go. Don't cart around stuff you don't need or use! We've been purging a lot around here, and honestly, I can't say I miss any of the stuff.

  4. PatientSaver Says:

    Well, but another option might be to move into the house (putting stuff in TEMPORARY storage, if necessary) and then purge after you've seen just how much space you have? I only say this because I have purged too much at times and then regret parting with something a little too hastily.

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