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What I've been up to?

September 27th, 2016 at 09:15 am

Getting the kids back into school has been busy. I've been ironing out their schedules and it's pretty crazy. DH has been on the hamster wheel getting up to speed on a new job. It's always a big learning curve with a new job. As for me? Well I started taking the HR block tax prep course 2x week at night. It's until December so we're on a kid handoff at night at the park and ride so I can make my 6 pm class!

I'm trying this out as a way to see if I like tax prep and if I can possible land a seasonal tax prep job. I need something on my resume after 6 years out of the workforce to get back in. I figured this is better than nothing. I'm also hoping that perhaps this is a way to landing a part-time job in bookkeeping or accounts payable I see on craigslist.

I'm not looking to go back full time in my field. I think that 1.5 jobs for our family would be best. I've already gotten push back from DH for taking this job because he doesn't think it's worth my time. But I'm hoping to get back next fall into a part-time work routine when my youngest might go to kindergarten. That's not decided yet.

I also won month 5 of my dietbet! I lost my 10%. Now is the real struggle. I don't know if I can maintain it. I find it easier to lose but it's so hard to keep the weight off. I missed month 3 and month 4 from traveling so i couldn't weigh in. But I kept at it and made month 5. Now can I keep it off is the question?

And we're deep in the house hunt. That's the next post. It's so hard to find something we like and finding the time to house hunt. UGH.

I am also on the decluttering challenge of 465 items in September. It is getting rid of 1-30 items over the month daily increasing as the days go on. I am at I think 380s items. I am going to make it. I have an appointment at the consignment store to get rid of 30 items. And they usually tell me what else they won't take. And I sell 6 items there daily. Apparently I've sold over $100+ there in mostly clothes.

So now back to my regular programming...

2 Responses to “What I've been up to?”

  1. ceejay74 Says:

    I did the H&R class for my own edification and was effortlessly swept into the second class for becoming a seasonal employee. I did it for a season but wasn't happy with the amount of state-specific training I'd gotten. (We got trained on MN state taxes, but I had to handle Iowa, New York (YIKES, that one I had to ask the lady to come back another day so I could figure it out!) and other state taxes. There was a computer process for each, but training would have been nice.

    Also stressful: The poor folks that came in and did their taxes right away so they could get the EIC. One lady didn't do it in time and someone else who had her kid's SSN claimed the child as a dependent. She'd chosen to do a RAL (refund anticipation loan) which cost hundreds of dollars out of her refund AND had something like 150% interest if it wasn't paid back by the actual refund. I helped her fax some documents to the IRS but never found out what happened.

    I think H&R's most usurious loans have now been outlawed, so that part should at least be better.

  2. FrugalTexan75 Says:

    Someday when I retire I might want to take those classes so I can help senior citizens do their taxes on a volunteer basis (so I can choose my own hours.)

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