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February Wrap up

March 1st, 2016 at 11:06 am

It's been 4 weeks into the bootcamp. Things are getting into a routine. My DH was crawling up walls at the end of his sabbatical. I'm not sure he could deal with early retirement right now. But either way it's not in the card for us right now.

On financial news we are more in line these past two months with spending. I find our spending on gas since moving amazing. From September to February we spent $137, $203, $180, $180, $69, and $22 respectively! So I used to budget $350/month and last month we spent 10% of the budget. CRAZY. I am finding it insane.

Our grocery budget has been bad though since September it's been $1183, $608, $981, $1222, $637, and $749 respectively. I've been trying to stay around $800/month or $200/week which for a family of four seemed reasonable. It seems we have very drastic swings in spending. I think it might have to be stockpiling and sales.

But because we made a concerted effort to eat out less our grocery budget had to increase. We spent $197, $162, $224, $266, $185, $121 respectively again on eating out. My previous budget was probably closer to $300/month and our grocery budget was closer $600/month.

So even though we were mostly under budget these past few months we ran over with lots of Murphy's law moments and unexpected expenses. Mostly dog vet bills (OMG I think we're at $5k and we are done yet) and moving replacement of stuff. Also buying two new computers happened.

But overall things are progressing.

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