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T-5 or T-6

July 1st, 2015 at 02:59 am

The insanity. I still haven't figured out if we are leaving on July 5th or 6th. Uggh. I still haven't booked our hotels. I am still hopelessly not packed yet. What have I been doing? Everything else.

Tomorrow I finalize the documents for the repair of our foundation. More about the cost in another post. This will mean that we are officially set on our side to close on the sale of the house by July 7th.

Our trailer has been delivered. I'd say around 85% of our house has been packed. Tonight I threw in the towel for food and are moving to eating take out, leftovers, and other people's food. No more cooking. We cooked Salmon Burgers for our last meal.

I was happy to turn over a bag of fish (2 salmon and 4 pieces of Mahi) to a friend, 6 smoked sausages, 1 bag Kahlua Pork, and that's about it from the freezer. I also gave away our spices, unopened condiments. All we really have left is our snacks and 4 boxes of pasta, and instant oatmeal.

It took me two hours from 7:30 this morning to get the dog's international travel certificate. We are good to go until July 9th. We have 10 days to travel within.

The dog food has been delivered to my in laws and we don't have a booked flight yet. I find myself stressing and tonight I have to backwards outline our trip since we've decided to stop in Toronto and ship him out.

I've organized all our passports, kids medical and school records, my medical records, and I have to pay bills tonight. This is insane. I've managed to pack the kids clothes for the road trip and August. But DH and I are not done. And DH hasn't packed his work clothes yet.

I feel like a hamster on a wheel that can't stop running. Any more tips or ideas? We've set aside all road trip stuff we can think of. Please let us get on our way already.

3 Responses to “T-5 or T-6 ”

  1. creditcardfree Says:

    I'm sure you can book hotels at the last minute, unless a major event going on the cities you are staying in. It's more expensive to eat out, but while moving it is really just one less thing to think about.

    Even though it is a lot of work, it sounds like you are on top of it. I know I had moments of thinking I must be forgetting something! It is crazy busy and the brain is all over the place thinking about things.

    I also remember wanting to just get going! I felt so much better once we were on the road. I hope it is a safe trip!!

  2. Carol Says:

    You have been doing so well! You will manage just fine. The night before you are leaving make the first reservation, then the rest will fall into place. Good luck!

  3. FrugalTexan75 Says:

    Moving can be so stressful! I hate doing it when it's just me moving .. moving a whole family would be way worse.

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