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may was a bit crazy

June 1st, 2023 at 05:28 am

So I haven't posted in two months I realized looking. I also haven't been online much.  April was busy and I ended the month visiting my parents for the first weekend of May.  I got back on the 8th and then everything in the month went off the rails.

My DH got into a scooter accident which they called a motorcycle accident.  I was calling him around 6 pm one night to confirm he was picking up our second child.  Some random person answered (note if you keep calling like 6 times in a row anyone holding the phone can swipe and answer), and said "your husband was in an accident". I was like WTF.  Where are you? I immediately went to my location finder and couldn't see his dot.  But he was about a mile from home and when I got there he was on a stretcher, on a board, with a neck brace, unconscious being loaded into the ambulance.  Yes the cops let you through when you say that's your husband.

It took a long time in the ER with everything and he had a lot of injuries.  The EMTs, Dr, Cops, all told me he was seriously lucky to be wearing a helmet it saved his life.  He had a concussion, orbital bone fracture, cut on his head, broken ribs, internal bleeding (which did end up stopping without surgery fortunately), and tons of scrapes, cuts, and scratches.  Luckily he was wearing jeans and jacket although everything was torn up, cut off, and he had gone over the scooter and off and was unconscious when a random person found him and called 911.  No there were no cameras and the cops do think it was a hit and run.

He and I were very fortunate and thankful of everything.   He's recovering slowly and things have been crazy caring fo him, the kids, the dog.  I am very lucky my BIL flew in the next day to help me with the kids for the weekend and I had a lot of friend carpooling the kids.  

Though he's supposed to be not working my DH of course is already back at work.  He can't help himself. The Dr said to take off at least three weeks and it's been only 3 weeks.  Did he go back part time?  Nope.  I mean of course the neurologist said I guess asking you to work 20-25 hours is ridiculous when my DH admitted to working 80-90 hours on average before.

Personally I had a lot of my own work slide and just trying to be on top of paying bills and shopping and cooking and driving and everything has gotten away from me.  We ate out and had delivery for about 2 weeks. I returned the scooter within days of the accident i was so pissed.  My DH holds this against me but I couldn't help myself.

Honestly I'm just hoping to right my ship and get back on track with everything.  I cancelled our trip this summer to WDW.  Yeah he'll be healed but really he shouldn't be going on rides with a concussion healing still.  No idea how long it'll take.  He's been exahusted and sleeps immediately after dinner.  And I can tell it's taking a lot out of him to do anything.  

So here's hoping June is better. I am barely hanging on to remembering everything for the kids, him, and me.  I also got our dog neutered two weeks ago as well.  Usually it'd be harder but since our dog needed to be crated and not walked his usual 5 miles it's been really helpful to give me extra time.

And I finally got on with insurance and figured out we should be paying a max OOP of $1500.  Well guess this year we are really using our insurance.  We also turns out were fortunate we didn't get on a HDHP.

9 Responses to “may was a bit crazy”

  1. Wink Says:

    I'm glad your DH will be OK! How scary that must have been. I am also so glad that I am not enrolled in a HDHP. My max OOP for my recent hospitalization was $1100. I hope June is a better month!

  2. Turtle Lover Says:

    wow! how scary! I'm glad to hear that everything is "ok" so far and prayers that it continues!! 🙏

  3. Petunia 100 Says:

    Wow, what an ordeal! I'm so glad that he is recovering from his injuries.

  4. CB in the City Says:

    Oh no! I'm glad he is recovering and I'm sure, with time, he will be completely back to normal. But what a scary time for you! And him, of course!

  5. GoodLiving Says:

    Yikes, concussions are no joke. I think it's smart you returned the scooter because even if he full recovers, any additional concussions can be worse because of the cumulative effects. Protect his head! Sending you and your family peace and calm for the summer!

  6. terri77 Says:

    Wow, that must have been terrifying! I’m glad that he is recovering. It could have been so much worse. Thank heavens for the Good Samaritan who found him.

  7. Dido Says:

    I'm so sorry to read about DH's accident but glad to hear that he is recovering! Best wishes for a continued speedy recovrey.

  8. VS_ozgirl Says:

    Very sorry to hear about DH’s accident but good to hear that he is recovering and will be ok in the long run. Please give yourself space to rest too by simply doing the bare minimum in certain areas of your life. I had to do this when DH broke his wrist and foot, because we are not superhuman. I cut back on cooking by ordering takeout more and made easy meals where cooking is barely necessary, and ordered the groceries to be click and collect. Wishing you happy vibes for a couple of months away when DH is healed and life calms down.

  9. LivingAlmostLarge Says:

    Thank youT

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