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I must be going crazy

November 3rd, 2022 at 07:34 pm

I swear I'm going crazy with how fast prices of groceries are going up.  I swear my CC bill, which I pay off every month is getting higher.  We really are making a super big conscious decision to eat out once week and cut back on take out.  So I've been cooking very consciously every meal even on weekends. 

But perspective for eating out this weekend Sunday dinner it was $160 for chinese takeout for 6.  That meals should not have been that much and we had some leftovers enough for 2 lunches (DH and I each).  The weekend before we paid $150 for brunch at a restaurant for the 4 of us.   We had 4 meals, each averaging around $21-23, 2 alcoholic and 2 non-alcoholic drinks, 6 deviled eggs appetizer (around $15) and that's it.  $150 for 4 of us tax and tip.  That was our meal out. Monday halloween I bought a papa murphy's cook yourself XL pepperoni sausage pizza thin crust 16" was $10 plus breadsticks $6.99 and it cost $18.17 for it and I ordered online and picked up from a cart without a tip.  That was one meal and we had no leftovers for the 4 of us and the kids were a bit hungry after trick or treating.

So the expense of eating out is out of control.  And that's what has lead to cooking all the time.  But groceries I can't get over how much I'm spending.  I can tell when I can't walk out of costco for less than $200.  Then adding on other stores makes it ridiculous. I pay $12 for 2 gallons of lactose free milk from costco.  Eggs at walmart are $9 for 60 and the cheapest.  Chickenthighs are $3/lb for blsl thighs and they still had bones and tons of fat.  And the fresh veggies?  Or my family loves mushrooms and it's $6+ a pound.  And they eat a lot of veggies each meal.  Brussell sprouts tonight are $3/lb and I bought a 2 lb bag.  Last night it was a bag of Bok Choy that was $8 at $3.99/lb for 2 pounds.  Add in the fresh fruits and I'm making the kids lunches everyday (it was free last year and I refused to make lunches).  They hate school lunches both of them, but occasionally when things are nuts in the morning they have to suffer with school lunches.  They pay $4.25 a school lunch and my DK say it's not enough food!  This I hear from other parents as well.  

I will admit we don't have to eat what we eat and I probably should scale back on what I buy.  But I feel like we already are not eating out so scaling back on groceries seems harder than not eating out.  I'm trying to be very conscientious and not waste any food and usually we are very good at this.  I repurpose all rice into fried rice, i make broth from chicken and beef bones and use that to make congee.  I make a lot of stuff from scratch including I've been making sourdough bread again.  

But the prices of food just seems to rise.  I can't get myself to garden I hate it.  I probably need to start though even in pots.  Have you noticed the food prices?

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  1. Lots of ideas Says:

    We are seeing the impact of a lot of things coming together at the same time.

    The price of oil/gas impacts everything. Between the sanctions on Russia, the Saudis leading OPEC to cut production, and the huge profits the oil companies are making, that is very high.

    At the same time, the wheat and sunflowers produced by Ukraine is greatly reduced and the shipping of what was produced disrupted.

    Add to that world wide climate issues - excessive heat, fire, flood, drought has impacted crop production worldwide,

    Labor shortages are impacting the workforce that picks crops and processed food.

    The low water on the rivers is impacting shipping.

    IMO we are fortunate that there is food on the shelves. I think there will be starvation in a lot of the world this winter.

  2. mumof2 Says:

    I have to agree with lots of ideas so many factors impacting food prices and i think it is only going to get worse for saying that I wish I had your prices rather than ours..we pay $9 for 12 eggs..our A2 milk is $6 per 2 litres (1 gallon = 3.7 litres)..a block of cheese is $11...loaf of bread $3.60...chicken thigh cutlets are $7kg (2.2lbs per kilo) and chicken thigh fillets are $12 kg, lets not talk about fruit and is getting out of control.

  3. LivingAlmostLarge Says:

    Yep chicken fajitas are like $20. Or just anything.

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