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Traveling is expensive

April 22nd, 2022 at 08:18 am

So I don't understand how people who have a family of four talk about how cheap it is to travel.  Okay maybe if we only used points for every plane ticket.  But how do you get so many tickets to travel every year if you aren't a big spender and no longer have work travel to help gain points?  I don't get it at all.  

We are planning on a 5 day trip to Las Vegas.  Tickets for the family will be $1669 roundtrip for 4.  Hotel will be $1215.  So before we step foot there we are out of pocket $2884.  So people who go for a week to europe or anywhere I always wonder how? I mean the only answer I have is that they get free hotels and free airfare because I can't seem to figure out how else to stay under $3k for a family of 4 on airline tickets.

That being said we  bought tickets to O for $1021 for the 4 fof us.  I'm also considering the go las vegas card for $900 for the 4 of us and it includes the blue man group, hoover dam (No one wants to do this with me) and a bunch of other activities.

I also just bought tickets to hawaii for our summer trip.  $588 for DK1 and DH, but his was using chase sapphire preferred points of 47,040 points.  I used a coupon and some discount codes we had for $614.73 for me and DK2 using a companion fare and codes.  So far we ar in for $1202.73.  Of course our lodging is covered mostly and we may go stay in a different city in hawaii for a few days so we will have hotel and rental car.  And of course I spend a lot on eating out and paying when we go so there is that.  But again How do you go for a week and spend $3k or less for a family of four when hotels are solidely $250-300/night other than free flights and hotels?

I also used our miles to fly to Canada this summer, unfortunately it's only booked 1 way so far to go to DH's cousins wedding.  We I need to figure out how to transfer more miles to use miles to fly back.  Although on a budget airlines the airline tickets are pretty cheap so maybe that would be worth it.  I also paid for 50% of the airbnb which I need to figure out if we are staying only there.

What are you thinking for travel?

4 Responses to “Traveling is expensive”

  1. Amber Says:

    I’m heading to Europe, with flight and lodging the cost was $1600 round trip for three weeks. Only reason why it’s so high is because I upgraded my seats, and the Airbnb.
    I’ll be staying at an Airbnb and I think this makes the difference. Hotels are very expensive. Now I’ll admit this is my first Airbnb experience, so I’m not sure how things will work out. I’m traveling with friends, had I not requested an upgrade for three I’m estimating about $3,000 for three weeks that include airfare and lodging

  2. Turtle Lover Says:

    sometimes I wonder the same thing .... we don't travel all that much either. I had never heard of the go card so I looked it up. Next time we go to Vegas I'll look into it more. 😊
    (Went there once in 2018)

  3. LivingAlmostLarge Says:

    I don't get how people go for a week to WDW and then spend like $0, but they use their points for their tickets, hotels, etc. The tickets alone to things often are pricey and nowadays the cost of airlines tickets is epxensesi.

    Amber but for 1 person $1600, so four four it would be $4600? I just ask because I get I think reasonable and realistic deals for a traveling family. but I never get incredible deals KWIM? I can't seem to get it to $0

  4. rob62521 Says:

    DH and I have often wondered how people afford to travel when they have children, I mean really go places and do things because the costs have always seemed high. I'm with you. We just returned from a major trip, we saved for years, and just the two of us, it was super expensive. I often wonder if people kind of fudge when they brag how cheaply they travel. Or else they don't count everything.

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