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markets crashing

February 4th, 2022 at 06:35 pm

So we are down $300k for the year so far.  Easy come easy go.  $150k retirement and $150k taxable.  Okay then.  That is life.

That being said we had a pretty good spending money.  $1335 on our return expenses from hawaii.  $274 on eating out, $520 on groceries.  I find that no matter what I do, I've really been trying to use our pantry up, I can't get our grocery bill lower. I also found that we are eating less meat but the veggies and fruits are just so expensive.  I buy 2 lbs of cauliflower fresh is ~$4-5 and that's only dinner.  Then add in more fruits and veggies through the day and it's a lot.  Last night we had half a package of broccoli from costco honestly I should be making more veggies for the kids.  We tend to eat a lot of veggies.  For dinner 2 heads of cauliflower/broccoli, or 6 zucchini and squash, 2-3 pounds of brussel sprouts each dinner. Then cutting up bell peppers and cucumbers for snacks and I adore mushrooms in so many meals as a side (I tend to buy it and just lightly saute it).  Also we typically have a fresh salad and our meal.  And our meats while smaller now proportion wise is more expensive which explains why steak for us $50 from costco for regular and not even prime.

Also I give each kid a whole fruit for school snack but thanksfully they have the (pretty unhealthy) but free school meals.  I know it's not just me because all the moms are talking about how much they spend when the go to the grocery store. It used to be $200-300/week is turning more like $300-400 or more a week.  Most of them don't cook as exapansively so they buy the same things over and over (their words).  So they can just see the prices escalating because they buy a lot of the same meats, veggies, and fruit in the exact same quantities. I tend to buy what I feel  like making.  

Part of it is that I also think there are less sales and deals to stock up on non-perishables or cleaning supplies or anything.  So things are bit sketchy.

Well either way DH supposedly got a raise, unsure when or how much but heck we'll take anything. I also don't know if he's paying more for health insurance.

Our bills typically are

$3200 mortgage (2% arm)
$1000 property taxes
$350 insurance (life, home, auto)
$500 kids extracurriculars
$200 electric
$140 cell phones
$160 water
$100 gas
=$5650 month fixed and then we have discretionary (groceries, eating out, and everything else) plus savings.

Discreationary should be around $2000/month but we are struggling to stay there.

That being said I have my furnance and other charges to be paid by Marhc 2023. Started at
12/1 $13025.77
2/1 $15373.45

Hoping to make some serious headway these next few months.

2 Responses to “markets crashing”

  1. rob62521 Says:

    I totally seems like every time we go to the grocery store, we spend more, and I'm careful, but we still do. I canned a lot and we are using a lot of it, but we still have to fill in with things. It is getting scary and gas prices went up again his week in our community, so that will mean if the gas prices go up since oil by the barrel goes, up, other prices will go up to make up for that increase. Ouch! I have teased DH we need to plow up the front yard and make it a big garden (our back yard is mostly shade), but honestly, I can see more and more people thinking victory gardens with the high cost of everything.

  2. LivingAlmostLarge Says:

    I think that just watching the food budget is a big deal. While I don't change a lot, the awareness like writing what you eat makes you more aware.

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