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Interesting spending pattern on groceries and things

May 13th, 2021 at 08:56 pm

So I started tracking some stuff in February with our new budget.  I found that in Feburary we spent $1056.29 on groceries and $45.56 eating out.  The kids were at home and DH was at home. Then in March DH transitioned to going into work and the kids went to school 2 days a week each opposite days of course.  They were all eating lunch at work and school for free.  We spent $820.79 on groceries and $112.72 on eating out.  Then in April the kids were off and eating at home but DH was at work but near the end of April they started going 4 days a week and getting a free lunch.  So now we're down to dinners only for everyone and lunches for and kids 1-2x a week.  So we spent $589.09 on groceries and $212.27 eating out (1 meal was $93 for a brunch outside on patio).  

But now may thus far?  We've spent $154.36 on groceries (all fruits, veggies, and milk) and $105.38 on eating out with $73.16 on 1 meal of burgers with DH's cousin.  So we've spent a lot on eating out.  And I still have a lot of food in the freezer.  For instance this week I made ratatouille which we had for Tuesday and Wednesday nights of dinner (with all my eggplant, bell peppers, zucchini, squash).  I've been eating leftovers for the weekday lunches as I type this.  My kiddos have school lunches.  Eating out I spent $11 on a baker's dozen bagels on Tuesday from panera.  That's been breakfast and into a lunch sandwich yesterday (wednesday they are home).  Plan is $10 pizza from dominos tonight and I have still a bunch of chicken, ground beef, potatoes, etcs to cook.  This weekend we will spend probably $100 on meat and groceries because we're hosting couple of friends for BBQ and making ribs.  I'm debating buying sashimi this weekend as well.  But it's half the month and I know we aren't hitting $1000 on groceries.  $500 seems like a reasonable number.  

That would put our average at

$1056+820+$589+$500 = $741/month on groceries

$45.45+ 112.72+212.27+ 200 = $142/month on eating out.  Sounds about right.

I wonder if I can lower our average on both?  My mom is visiting memorial day weekend. I'm sure we'll get takeout and stuff.  And I'm planning on making her steak and lobster probably so maybe our grocery bill will be pretty high.  

I spent $704 and $620 on summer camps last month.  I believe I might be able to cash flow it without touching the $4400 sink funds set aside.  I'm finding it a challenge to live on what we "budget" and save the sink funds and not use it for what it's been earmarked for.  If we do that we'd be saving 20% of our salary.  Guess it's worth trying.   When the refi goes through I plan on saving that $700 and investing it.  It will make our life a little easier.  But at the same time with inflation coming I find it hard to justify moving to an arm. The only palatable thing is that it caps at 7% over the lifetime of the loan, it'll be 7 years, and we will be a much lower amount owed and we could refinance to a conventional mortgage at that time.

2 Responses to “Interesting spending pattern on groceries and things”

  1. LivingAlmostLarge Says:

    I find myself just struggling because I will admit if you read prior posts i was spending on average $1500/month on groceries and $800 a month eating out. Eating out I totally understand but I couldn't figure out how I was spending so much on groceries. Then i backed out returns and took our stuff from costco not food an I probably still spend $1000 a month. I think that I am not used to budgeting so strictly. So it's a learning curve. I'm also somewhat of a cheapskate. So now I have my budget of $3600/month and I refuse to dip more into our savings though that's what our sink funds are for and yet i hate touching money I am "Saving". So it's turning into savings without even meaning too.

  2. rob62521 Says:

    Honestly, I think your food budget isn't horrible with the amount of people you are feeding. Yes, the eating out can be a bit pricey, but I don't think you have gone crazy the last few months. Plus, if you don't treat yourself once in awhile, you may grow to resent not being able to eat out.

    That being said, I imagine there are ways you can tweak your food budget here and there. I'm not suggesting start eating junk and cheapo bad stuff, but maybe work a little harder on buying stuff on sale and using steak and lobster as treats, like when your mom visits, or something to that effect.

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