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April spending, saving, and NW

May 5th, 2021 at 10:18 pm

We spent a lot in April. I don't know what happens but a lot just seems to crop up.  I will say that my suspicion has been since February that my DH eating lunch out and my kids too now 4 days a week eating lunch at school saves a boatload of money. It does.  We seriously don't seem to spend as much on food.

Groceries $589
Eating out $212
Alcohol $103
Dog $269
Travel $759
Gas Car $144
Utilities $708
Home Maintenance $1400
Personal Care $135
Auto $12
Home Goods $205
Office Supplies $27
Refi $500
Gifts $121
Misc $9.60
Services $390
Kids $948 - summer camp
Entertainment $93

While it's high I'm glad I'm tracking and we seem to be doing okay.  I am able to save everything.  I put $10k this month into the investment account so I have less in the Roth Account.  Guess it counts to my savings.

Roth $600

Property taxes $3100

Sink $4400

And our net worth went up but now down.  It's better to just say it's for the long term.  Anyway I am going forward with the refinance.  I think what I'm going to do is invest the $700 into the stock market.  Probably I'll just buy VOO and call it a day.  Dollar cost average and see what happens.  Maybe I'll buy some other stock. I just don't know.  If I were to buy a stock what would I buy?  Maybe a small camp might make sense.  So maybe VBK.  I think this will be a really interested experiment.  I'll track how DCA $700 into it makes and if it grows then I could be really far ahead with the arm. I will have $700/month for 7 years.  Of course the plan is to refi during that time again.  So the question will be when will it be worth it?  I think I'll look at refinancing when the balance of my loan is below a conforming mortgage and not jumbo

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  1. rob62521 Says:

    Our spending seems to fluctuate some, but I also think inflation is starting to creep in. Be glad you can still save some money here and there for investing. I know we are relieved we can.

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