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Travel Weekend and spending update

April 9th, 2021 at 06:22 am

Well so for the 4 day weekend we spent $759.03 total.  That includes gas, groceries, and eating out.  The VRBO our share was $710.  That means for four days we spend $1470.  Ouch.  Well that's how the cookie crumbles.  Mostly it was staying with people who spend like there is no tomorrow.  Like I told DH it solidified why I normally don't stay in VRBO with people.  First time and probably last time.  Our sleeping habits has always been the reason and it still was a problem.  We like to stay up late and wake up late and roll on out of the house late.  So I'm good.  We spent $562 on food for 4 days and came home with a ton of food that we would never have bought and wasted at that price.  It's fine I'm okay but I would not have been buying foil, saran wrap, paper towels, paper plates, etcs all stuff we paid top $ for from the grocery instead of bringing from bulk from costco at home.  Like I said I am not cool with wasting money or food.  Lesson learned.

So our spending for the month. This month we aren't doing as detailed grocery posts but I am tracking overall spending.  

Groceries $252
Eating out $26.69
Alcohol $70.92
Dog $66.09
Travel $759.03
Gas $45.57
Utilities $427.31
Home Maintenance $14.90
Personal Care $35.27
Auto $6.60
Home Goods $77.13
Gifts $75.57
Misc $9.61
Services $180 (cleaner $120, Yard $60)
Amazon $211 ($121 sound channel, $36 Birthday Presents, $54 Battery pack and chargers)
Kids $173.49 ($135 piano lessons, bike helmet)
Clothing $99 (3 lucky jeans will return 2 after they come)
=$2526.19, trying to keep our spending under $4000 for the month.

Our rough budget is
$10,900 Net Income
-$3843 Mortgage
-$1000 Property Taxes
-$1000 Roth IRA
-$750 Sink Funds
Leftover $4307

While saving the extra 2 paychecks a year. That's what we did with the extra paycheck.  Considering we are 8 days in and we've spent 58% it's not looking good.  Goal is to not spend more than $100 on groceries and I need to rein in DH from spending on amazon and online on crap he wants for shed and house.  We have another $100 next week for Dog Vet Visit.  And registering kids for a summer camp.

But I'm meal planning through the next week.  I bought $61 rib roast on tuesday that will be for Sunday.  I am making butter chicken tomorrow and pulled out my hambone soup to eat.  We are eating sandwiches for the next few days.  Monday I need to make 2 lasagna (giving one to DH's cousin when I pick her up from airport Monday night).  I plan on making japanese beef curry next wednesday with stuff we have.  I also have to make yogurt and beef keema next friday.  I'm thinking I just need $75 of fruits and veggies in the next week maybe.  I have so much bread right now that sandwiches are on the agenda for awhile for lunches for kids.  I also still have a lot in freezer to eat through.

2 Responses to “Travel Weekend and spending update”

  1. LuckyRobin Says:

    Rib roasts are so good. Pricey, but amazing. We get one for Christmas dinner and we get 3 meals off it. How do you season yours?

  2. rob62521 Says:

    It is difficult to travel with people who do not share your frugal mindset. Hopefully you still had a nice time.

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