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I got a vaccine!

March 30th, 2021 at 02:41 am

DH and I got vaccines today.  Pfizer the 1st dose.  We were not eligible but we waited and we got extra doses.  The mass vaccine site this morning had 700+ unclaimed appointments today. So I was calling from 6 am to see what they would say.  I called multiple times and was told first no walk ups.  To well we have a standby list we call.  To well we have standby but we can't guarantee anything.   You just come and show up.  So then I decide that since there are so many "appointments/vaccines" what the hell? Sure it's an hour to drive there but I leave before nine and I get in line and wait.  Well turns out that when I'm in line they hand me a paper and say you are good to go.  I say great.  Can I have a second paper and make an appointment for my DH?  They say sure here's a paper. I do it and then make his appointment and then make it the same time as mine and then "reschedule" his appointment for him to make it later.

It's been happening to a lot of my friends.  Last week it seems like the supply went exponentially up and people aren't taking appointments.  So then last week my friend drove to a mass vaccine site and took her 18 year old senior daughter and when they got there they asked if she wanted it for her daughter?  She was like I don't even have her id.  They called her son at home and had him take a photo and wham they got a shot and instant appointment for an 18 year old!  She was like what?  She's the one who convinced me to stalk out getting a vaccine at these drive up mass sites.

Another friend and her husband have been randomly calling in the mornings and on friday they both got shots at the end of the day.  They had "cancellations" or something.  Basically the rollout and "waitlists" and getting people approved by phases is a load of crock.  No one i know who is "qualified" got an approval email.  Instead they just moved forward and got appointments.  Some are still in qualified "tiers" but waiting for email that has never arrived.  

So I felt guilty for a little awhile but then decided shots in arms?  Who knows?  But I'm going to say I said I wasn't qualified for it but they gave it to me anyway.  Technically we did qualify as "caregivers of a special needs child" and I qualified as an essential worker.  All my coworkers have gotten it.  But I haven't left the house so I didn't bother and figured someone else who needs it more.  Well I feel like we've hit this point where they are going to be wasting vaccines soon if they don't open up more tiers.

2 Responses to “I got a vaccine!”

  1. CB in the City Says:

    Actually, I did get an email invitation from my healthcare provider to make an appointment because I was qualified. However, I had already proactively gotten my vaccines at Walgreens. I wonder why people actually made appointments when they weren't going to use them? They must have made multiple appointments.

    I'm glad you're getting vaccinated!

  2. LivingAlmostLarge Says:

    No there was 700 open appointment slots at 6:30 am and it started at 9 am. At 8:30 it was down to 500 open appointments. They said it wouldn't be wasted they would roll it over to the next day or two for vaccines. But seriously why would you do that? I think you vaccinate people if they show up which we did.

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