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Subscription charges

March 10th, 2021 at 07:01 pm

Do you know what you spend on subscriptions either monthly or annually?  I have a lot of payments recently including our auto insurance every 6 months and annual Amazon prime.  When covid started my mom really wanted amazon prime again we'd been without for like 2 or 3 years and so I bought it and added her on.  

So we now pay 
Amazon $119 annually for prime = $10/month

Amazon Kindle Unlimited - $140 / 24 months = $5.83/month

AAA just renewed $101 - I wonder if it's worth it?

Paramount Plus $50 annually - just bought from March 3rd 2021 to March 3 2022

Spotify - $10.85/month but it includes hulu $130.20

Sirius XM - $6/month  $72/year - this my DH just signed up for and I don't know what to say

He loves music and so he's enjoying the sirius online radio along with spotify. I don't know how to curb him.  I already am not fond of amazon but I keep that for my mom.

I am a little annoyed looing at stuff, but I guess if I get kindle unlimited with the kids he can have sirius and spotify?  I got paramount but we watch tv so littel I will likely cancel it next year.

How much do you spend on monthly subscriptions.  It's annoying that we're spending $45/month on subscriptions.  What do people have?  How much does it cost?

2 Responses to “Subscription charges”

  1. Lots of ideas Says:

    I pay for three online newspaper subscriptions - Boston Globe, NY Times, Washington Post. The Globe is $27 per month but that is mu home town paper, the others are $17 and $10. I enjoy being able to read them but I also support investigative journalism.

    I pay $1.99 for Hulu and $9.99 for Paramount (was CBS). These are new since the pandemic.

    I also have an subscription. I enjoy it, and I also like supporting the digitization of records.

    I also pay for my email via AOL for $10 a month - I should switch this to something free but I have always had that address and I don’t want to switch!

    These fit in my budget and at this point are all I am spending on entertainment - well, not true, I have a cable bundle too...


  2. LivingAlmostLarge Says:

    I didn't have amazon prime for about 3 years but then this covid and my mom really wanted it back so we got it back.

    Costco $120 year
    Prime $120 year
    AAA $101 year
    Kindle Unlimited $75 year
    Spotify $120 year
    Sirius $72 year

    = $608 a year in subscriptions

    But costco i make back for sure in gas and milk alone. I live 1.2 miles from costco and he gas is always cheapest.

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