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Thankful 2020

January 10th, 2021 at 11:30 pm

I am thankful that 2020 is over.  I am thankful that everyone I know is still alive and kicking and healthy.  I am happy that everyone I knew who got covid recovered and are doing better. I am just thankful that 2020 is over.  It was not an easy year but there is SO MUCH to be thankful.  I drank a big drink and cheered with DH. I am thankful I saw my parents. I am thankful they made it out alive. I am just glad everything so far knock on wood has been good.

Retirement up $252k (saved $78.5K)

Taxable up $278k (saved no idea) mostly because I moved money into different accounts and stocks.  I definitely saved money at least I can track saving $100k but maybe more.  

Paid off $33k between $12k car and $21k mortgage.  Cars drive better when paid off.  

We won't be saving much in 2021. I already put in our Roth IRA and kids $2k into ESA just today But I'm not sure how much more since DH is taking a large paycut. I am maxing out the 401k for the year in a couple of paychecks so we have to live off savings then getting paid the new amount so the next two months is a little sketchy.  I probably need a bit more cash for our EF.  We have 6 months TIPS and 4.5 months in EF.  I think I need 6 months in EF ( so a little more cash, then invest the rest).  I'm hoping to ride out 2021 without touching our savings.

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  1. VS_ozgirl Says:

    Glad you found a few things to be thankful for from 2020! Hopefully things will not be too stressful with the pay cut and 2021 gives you some extra blessings.

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