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my purchases thus far

October 14th, 2020 at 07:33 pm

It's been an interesting couple of days. I mentioned prime day and I've bought quite a few things.

1. $199 Roomba from Amazon - wasn't on the list but something DH and I have tossed around since covid and we can run it since we are home all the time.

2. Secura Spice Grinder - amazon flash sale $34.95 unsure if I'm keeping this one of the cuisineart one from BBB.

3. Breville Toaster Oven - BBB $319 with $50 credit for future purchase (important for deciding on spice grinder) with 20% coupon

4. HB 12 cup food processor - $50 Target

5. Mini Processor - Target $9.99

Deciding on

1. Slow cooker $39.99 Target Crock Pot Cook and Carry
2. HB 7 qt slow cooker $44.99 BBB (also need 20% coupon)
3. Cuisineart Juicer/blender/processor $199 but also want 20% off coupon
4. 23 and Me $99 or Ancestry $49
5. Cuisinart Spice grinder $39.99 BBB but need 20% off coupon

I'm unsure if I need a juicer/blender/processor combo. I already have a blender though that I do use and I could get rid of and it'd be nice to have a juicer but is it worth the space?

For us it's more a space issue for everything. I am replacing our toaster oven that we use all the time almost daily. Can't wait because the breville is an AIR FRYER. Everyone swears by it. I can't wait for a bigger slow cooker since I use mine at least 1x/week. I use the food processors a lot in general no questions asked I cracked the bowl on my last one and I've been still using it. But waiting until a deal happened.

3 Responses to “my purchases thus far”

  1. late.start Says:

    I'd love to hear about the air fryer and if you end up liking it. I am hoping to buy one in December or ask for one as a gift. Trying to decide which one I want to purchase.

  2. mumof2 Says:

    OMG I love our slow cooker and air fryer...we use them all the will love your air fryer

  3. Turtle Lover Says:

    I'm also curious to hear about the air fryer

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