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2019 spending

January 7th, 2020 at 07:25 pm

Okay so it's been bad year for spending.

I was perusing our spending. Big budget categories

$25k traveling - big was the WDW trip that was about $10k. Seriously awesome though and I got a christmas card photo out of it. This year I'm not sure we are going to spend less I'm feeling around $20k I usually predict.

$15k dog. Seriously unexpected. He had surgery for $6k, then all his visits to vet with every other week blood measurements. Then his $500/month medications. He turned 2 in May and yes he's a rescue. I'd have probably been better off with a purebred bought from a breeder. But he's our third rescue and honestly he's a GREAT dog. Last night our husband teased the kids and said our best kid is the DOG. Hahaha. But I must admit that when my kids are pissing me off the dog is sometimes the only person listening to me. He goes on walks while I just think and talk. He lies on the couch and bed with me and kids. He guards the house when my DH travels. I'll admit to being very attached again. Sigh. I did tell my DH because of his disease I bet he won't live as long as we thought. And we'll likely get one more dog.

Home - $27k mortgage interest, $11k property Taxes, $10.5k new driveway, Yard $2k, closets $500. Homes are a money pit. Next year I am thinking we are maybe doing a new shed and I'm going to work on the addition I wanted.

Groceries and Eating out $24k about $1k/month for both. I am trying to rein in eating out but the groceries well what can I say? Our eating out is about about $50-100/meal 2x/week. The real budget buster for eating out is when family/friends visit and we pick up that check. Thanksgiving and Christmas looking at it we spent over $1k during those weeks both times. Then we're spending $100-200/meal plus a week in the summer with my inlaws and two weeks in Hawaii. It runs up our eating out amounts fast.

It was a crazy year.

7 Responses to “2019 spending ”

  1. rob62521 Says:

    Ouch. Any chance you could find some ways to cut back here and there?

  2. LifeBalance Says:

    The mortgage interest should decrease this year. Do you make principal payments on the mortgage in addition to the regular payment?

  3. Butterscotch Says:

    Wow, lucky dog. Is this medication $500/mo going forward until he dies, or is he off the meds now?

  4. LivingAlmostLarge Says:

    The dog is off that medication, and hopefully the surgery allows him to stop being on medication. That's a huge one. Plus he's in poor shape from the medications so we'll see. Right now it's looking very positive and we are currently decreasing medications so he seems better. I think he'll still run maybe $4-5k/year but not like this year.

    No I don't make principal payments. I let it ride. We have a very low interest rate. It's just a large dollar value.

    Rob i've been thinking about that a lot. A large part of what we spent last year was traveling, eating out and groceries. I'm going to try and be better about eating out. I'm thinking if I curb eating out to $600/month instead of $1000 then $4800 for traveling. Let's see how we do. Can i curb groceries by $200/month? Maybe. I can try. That will help to fund traveling.

    I am do know our traveling I may not be able to curb as much mostly because I don't want to.

    June - $5500 cruise
    Feb Hawaii - tickets by miles, hotel with points
    January Ski - $600 hotel, $1k tickets, $400 lessons
    March Ski - $600 hotel, $400 lessons
    May Mother's day weekend- $1k weekend
    Memorial weekend - $2k
    July Hawaii $1k tickets
    October trip - $8k

    puts us at $20,500 without I know we'll spend more in June. Ugh so I might have to cut back October to something not international or as long.

  5. disneysteve Says:

    For eating out, do you have Groupon/Living Social in your area? You can get some really nice restaurant deals with them. Also, check local coupon sources like Coupon Clipper or the other mailing thing (I can't recall the name).

    Use OpenTable to make reservations even if you don't really need reservations at the place you're going. They have a rewards program. You get at least 100 points per reservation and they offer 1,000 points on select reservations (usually early or late times). Every 2,000 points you get a $20 reward. We will sometimes do a search for the 1,000 point places and pick where to go for dinner based on that. And I've made a reservation as little as 10 minutes before we got there just to get points (I did that just the other day).

  6. LivingAlmostLarge Says:

    DS, yes I don't do groupon or living social. We tend to do a lot of ethnic foods that we like. Also not in coupon clippers or opentable. But I will try to cut back.

  7. disneysteve Says:

    Do a search on Groupon (Living Social tends to have the identical deals) and see what places in your area are on there. Lots of ethnic restaurants show up on there in my area. Indian, Italian, Japanese, Brazilian steak houses, Middle Eastern, etc.

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