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Amazon Prime update

March 25th, 2019 at 03:55 pm

So it's been almost 2 months since we ended amazon prime. It finished end of January 2019. Have I missed it? Not one bit. I've ordered 1x from there Natori Bra $70 (that's another topic OMG) and hands free blue tooth. Free shipping over $35.

But otherwise have I or my DH bought anything? Nope. Makes for saving money. Yes we buy stuff. We got to the store.

Like today I need toilet paper and paper towels and groceries. We bought stuff for science project for kids.

But I suspected we didn't shop much and we don't watch TV, so I guessed we didn't need prime. I was right. We haven't missed it a bit.

Shocking. But it confirms what I suspected too. That a lot of "frugal" finance people probably don't shop a ton online or in the stores. You buy things with regularity and purpose. Very little is wanted and you buy a lot of needs.

At least that's my take. Maybe I'm wrong. Maybe I'm losing money but I'm pretty sure I'm not spending by not buying and I'm coming out ahead of those who shop a lot online. Of course I'm not sure if that's because I don't shop versus shop poorly.

3 Responses to “Amazon Prime update”

  1. Jenn Says:

    I recently ditched Prime too. I still use the search on Amazon to keep my list, but then I buy directly from the supplier. Many have shipping deals too, and I just feel better about the purchase. Like when I buy from a small business instead of Walmart.

  2. rob62521 Says:

    I agree with you. We never did the Amazon Prime thing because at the very most I order twice in a year. Couldn't see that it made sense. Same thing with a warehouse club. We used to belong and we found we spent more money going there than if we planned. It is far better for us to plan our shopping using sales, coupons, and need.

  3. PatientSaver Says:

    I am dropping Prime when it expires early April. I liked the free shipping, but I don't always need stuff in a hurry so I just wait til I have something else to buy that comes to over $35.

    I don't think I'll miss Prime TV somewhat, especially since Catastrophe is over, but I have a temporary substitute for it in the form of Hulu at .99 a month thru November.

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