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school auction and no homemade food

May 29th, 2018 at 06:24 pm

I read Laura's post about her feet and it make me feel a lot better. Because as I sit here writing this yesterday at a very nice neighbors house for a memorial day bbq I realized DH and I were the only parents not attending the school auction.

Part of it is being cheap. Part of it is it's not a scene I particular care for. Part of it is I don't really want to waste a date night on an auction. I'd rather have a sitter and go out with DH for a fancy dinner somewhere just us.

I guess I'll mention it was just my birthday over the weekend and we were camping. DH even forgot the cake (cheesecake) I love and he usually goes and gets with the kids to sing to me. We're probably doing cheesecake tonight.

Anyway I felt a little cheap because I was like we aren't going to the auction as everyone stared at us. I don't know what I would buy either? I am not big on wasting money. So yes I'll donate whatever they tell me to the PTSA. And today I volunteered at art docent and I have a meeting for a PTSA committee I'm on. But I have to give more? Participate more?

I already went to the BBQ without makeup and a bit underdressed since we had just gotten back from camping. My nails weren't done, nor my hair or makeup. I just wanted to meet more neighbors and let my kiddo play with the girls she spends every morning with when I drop her there to walk to the bus stop with their au pair and I drop my other kid at school and work. I also did not make a side dish I bought a fruit tarte from the store (I felt incredible shame when I realized everyone else had made stuff!)

Ugh. So my lack of parenting perfection was on evident display. Anyway Laura feel better about your feet. I felt the same way about my clothes, food, and lack of wanting to participate in the school auction. And I am still embarrassed.

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  1. CB in the City Says:

    You should not be embarrassed. You had just returned from a family event and were making a special effort to meet the neighbors. From what I can see, your choices were to skip the BBQ, or skip your camping weekend in order to properly gussy up and make a homemade dish for the BBQ. If anyone tried to shame you -- shame on them! Also, about the auction -- there are many other ways to give, and you are doing some of them. As a longtime fundraiser, I know that auctions are not particularly effective at raising money. Unfortunately, they can be more about showing off. Nuff said.

    Sounds like a tough crowd to me!

    And happy belated birthday!

  2. LuckyRobin Says:

    I'll bet you some of the other food was not homemade, just put into containers that made it look homemade. It is very easy to get food from the deli of a grocery store, put it on a fancy plate or casserole dish, and pass it off as your own. I'll bet at least one or two of the stares from people about the auction were actually looks of "I wish I'd had the ability to say no to that auction." I've gotten to the point in my life where I don't give a rip what other people outside my husband and kids think. It makes life a lot easier. If people are judging me, so be it. Their lives have to be awfully small to worry so much about what I'm doing with mine. But until you get there, it is perfectly okay to be protective of both your time and your money when it comes to wasteful spending. And bringing a dish was all that was required, not bringing a homemade one. You did good for having just walked in from the forest!

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