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2017 earnings for me

January 6th, 2018 at 09:48 am

I made around $3200 working for the year. I'm happy. It's not a lot but it's a lot of snowflakes. Considering I did the bulk of it when my kids were in school and I paid $0 for childcare it's gravy.

I've been thinking a lot about it. I could probably go back and land a full time job of $50k starting. But I'm not sure that's the path I'm meant to go down. I like being busy. I love having adult interactions. But at the same time I like have the freedom to call in if the kids are sick. I like not bringing work home. I also like being with them.

But let's say I start now making $50k. And work another 10 years and make $80k by the end of 10 years. Not an unreasonable goal I believe. But out of the $50k the biggest savings would be the $18.5k 401k savings I manage to work at a full time job with one. So we'd save an extra $185k in 10 years. But then the rest of my income let's assume 60% ($30k would go straight to taxes). I'm in the 34% bracket or higher so $15k would go straight to federal taxes. Then assuming SS and Medicare I'm looking at another 8% gone. So working full time I will make around $10k/year to spend on after school care since I'll be working full time. That $10k will be gone with 2 kids and after school costs $500/month during the year plus the summer costs? I won't be making $18.5k savings probably closer to $15k/year.

I believe I can make around that much working part-time where I. I can make $15/hr easily and if I make $20-25/hr part-time why not? I'm thinking still of doing the CFP and going out on my own. Writing off expenses would work better.

Anyway I think having more time this year to work out the numbers of my earnings I think it still makes more sense to work part-time and flexible for less money.

6 Responses to “2017 earnings for me”

  1. snafu Says:

    1st, I recognize a lot of us love our jobs and some identify self worth by the work they do.

    I wish more women with families would take a realistic review [on paper] of work related expenses. Work out cost of transportation per mile, wardrobe, personal grooming, higher food costs with more prepped/less from scratch meals for example. I notice friends seem to have more medical issues possibly stress, possibly viral from colleagues or general public exposure. There is little time for planning and DIY tasks are often hired out.

    Subtract these costs from actual take home pay and look at your basic, hourly rate.

  2. colagirl Says:

    Hi! Do you send updates by email? I did not see a way to subscribe but I may be missing it. Love your info. Could I subscribe? Thank you, Bev

  3. Bluebird Says:

    LAL, I agree with your analysis of working part time. If you don't need to work, it's a great compromise.

  4. rob62521 Says:

    What a blessing that you can work part time and be home with your kids. As Snafu said, so many don't realize the actual cost of working outside of the home full time. I had to because of insurance. DH worked for the library and library workers (he wasn't a librarian) make very little compare to others, even with a college degree. If we paid insurance out of his pay, we would have been at poverty level easily. Very glad you can do this and I'm sure your kids are happy you are available.

  5. LivingAlmostLarge Says:

    I have no idea about updates by email. I think it cost a lot more than people think to work outside the home. And when you both work someone usually has to give to pick up and drop off kids and sick kids. Then that person gets labelled parent track and I noticed less promotions and potential for money at work. Just a commentary.

  6. Ramona @ Personal Finance Today Says:

    As long as you can spend time with your kids, you are golden. My income has been smaller this past year, but, being with my child 24/7 is definitely worth the price tag Smile

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