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The dog

November 22nd, 2016 at 05:31 pm

I'm a little worried. Our dog has been on his "last" legs for over a year. But he seems more tired and lethargic and just sick. I feel like it's getting to the end. I'm very sad and not sure if I'm ready to let go.

People have told me to get another dog but I feel like I'm not interested or ready. I'm not sure when I'll be ready. I just want to not feel ridiculous for crying right now. The kids saw other people's new puppies and said they wanted one. But right now the idea of another dog is just not vibing. I'm just hoping he makes it through Thanksgiving. And yes I'm aware he's a pet but he's been a really good friend for many years and to me he's family. He's someone I walk and talk with quite a bit.

Happy Thanksgiving in case i don't get back before Thursday.

5 Responses to “The dog”

  1. VS_ozgirl Says:

    I wouldn't get a new dog before your current one passes away, if your dog may be on his last legs the nicest thing you can do is spend as much quality time with him and make him as comfortable as possible; he's your fur baby. {{hugs}} in this difficult time - I hope he can last a bit longer for you.

  2. Dido Says:

    Pets are family indeed! I hope he makes it through the holidays and that you don't have to make any hard decisions. Don't feel ridiculous for crying now. There is no reason why you should feel differently about him just because he has fur and paws--love is love; family is family. Hugs.

  3. rob62521 Says:

    Your dog is your friend. Don't rush into getting another dog until you are ready. It sounds like your pet has been a blessing to you.

  4. debt-free by thir-ty Says:

    Ditto everyone else's sentiments. Only you can decide when you're ready to let another dog in. Praying for your dog to make it through the holiday season and wishing you both some fond memories out of it.

    On a different note, I saw something earlier that I was planning to do with our fur babies as a Christmas gift - there's kits online to get your pet's paw print. Might be a nice way to capture a keepsake to treasure in future years.

  5. FrugalTexan75 Says:

    I hope he makes it through the holidays. {{hugs}}

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