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karma happens

April 5th, 2016 at 01:51 pm

Since moving I've found karma a lot. A woman I met volunteering at the shelter and whom I've become friends with used to work with my cousin. Funny we were talking and she said "oh I used to work so and so". I laughed and said so did my cousin awhile ago. I showed her a picture and she said "Hey I know her." Turns out to be a smaller world than one would think.

Anyway recently I met a woman I went to elementary and middle school with at my DK1 t ball practice. Her kid plays on the same team. We got to talking and she said "oh we just moved here." I said from where and it turns out we went to 2nd to 8th grade. She then moved out of state and I stayed put. She sent me a picture of us on neighboring pages in the year book! OMG it was crazy. We moved to different states years later and meet.

She didn't recognize me and I didn't recognize her but it was weird. I felt bad because she said she'd found it really difficult being an "outsider" moving into a small town and fitting in. She said she was teased and it hard. I apologized in case I ever did anything terrible (I honestly don't remember her and seeing the picture looks familiar but we weren't friends). I hope that I wasn't terrible in anyway. It's weird how when you get older you don't recall being a terrible kid but it's possible that you were.

Anyway that's my karma story. I hope that if I did do anything "bullying" that giving a sincere apology might help my karma. Do you have any weird karma stories?

6 Responses to “karma happens”

  1. creditcardfree Says:

    I call that a coincidence for sure! I don't have a specific story, but the world really is smaller than it seems. We like it when we see license plates or college teams from our former states, especially since they are so much farther away from here. My husband is in an online army class with someone that he was at a training event with two years ago. They are now moving to our area and asking about high schools. It's a small Army world at least!

  2. MonkeyMama Says:

    It is a small world.

    My husband has this weird thing where he can not go *anywhere* without running into someone he knows. & he is not a social person! This really freaked me out more when we moved to current city. He commuted to old city/job for a year and then stayed home with kids. I met far more people through my job. So I'd introduce him to someone once and then he'd run into *those* people. ??? (So it just got kind of ridiculously funny for a time. These days he meets tons of people and it's less weird. I mean between having a job now and volunteering in several capacities). Anyway, the latest was when we were in Hawaii I was swimming in the ocean. I come out of the water and he is sitting and talking to some older couple. Which is something he'd probably never do if they were strangers. I said, "Let me guess. Someone you already know." Yes, of course. Happens all the time.

    Our next door neighbor also went to the same high school as dh. It's not that unusual given how many people have re-located to our city. BUT, we did move from a million+ person city to another million+ person city. Really, what are the odds? (Different times, so no karma to worry about. Ha!)

  3. LivingAlmostLarge Says:

    It is funny how all these coincidences happy. I hope I was nice to hear or at least not mean. It bothers me since I can't recall much.

  4. CB in the City Says:

    When my son was in grade school he made friends with a boy named Nate. Turned out Nate was the son of my ex-husband's college roommate. We were not even living in the same state where we had attended college!

    Another one -- at a conference in San Diego, I sat down to breakfast and met the brother of the best man at my wedding -- which took place in Michigan, twenty years before!

    And another -- at my last job, the President turned out to be an old college friend of my current man friend -- and their wives were roommates! (Man friend is a widower.) If that wasn't weird enough, this same President has co-authored books with an old boyfriend of mine, from way back. Just weird!

  5. CB in the City Says:

    I wanted to say, since she was open with you about her unhappiness at your school, she probably felt comfortable talking with you about it. I doubt she would have done that if she'd ever thought you had been mean or hurtful.

  6. LivingAlmostLarge Says:

    No she said we hadn't really mixed apparently since she couldn't recall me either. It wasn't a tiny school but not I guess large enough. I will admit i had only a few friends given that was I bit nerdy at the time. I know my closest friends I happened to sit next to alphabetically for a long time. Probably like my kid.

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