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Get into the spirit

November 24th, 2015 at 09:22 pm

I don't know why more people aren't excited about the holidays. I am super excited and thrilled. We are going out to buy a Christmas tree and stand. We bought our first set of holiday lights and yes we could wait to buy them on sale after Christmas but I feel like this is it. There are so many wonderful things going on and it's a very fun time of year.

I have to say that all I've heard is people complaining however. They are tired of driving somewhere for Thanksgiving. They are tired of shopping, buying, and wrapping, gifts. They are tired and don't want to decorate.

My thoughts? If you don't want to go anywhere or do anything don't. We've spent years waiting for the chance to decorate our house and have a tree and start traditions. BUT it's not cheap and I can see how it can be tiring.

We're hosting my BIL and FIL for thanksgiving. We're smoking a turkey, sweet potatoes (2 different kinds), 2 different stuffings, cranberry sauce, hot potato salad, broccoli, apple pie, and duff. I made the stuffing today, the cranberry yesterday, the sweet potatoes tomorrow and potato salad and maybe the duff.

We're hosting my parents for Christmas then seeing DH's family for New Years. I'm pretty stoked with both events and I'm thinking rib roast with bone for Christmas. Not sure what my in-laws will make for new years.

I haven't started Christmas shopping, but I did buy few things online for the kids and DH as a surprise. I can see how it can get out of control.

But if people don't want to spend a lot of money I can honestly say it can be done. Until now we've spent almost nothing on Christmas, New Years, and Thanksgiving (we used to go to a friend's house). So keep it simple and eat a regular mean and don't stress out. I wish I could say that in real life to people who seem out of their mind busy and crazy and exhausted. It's not even Thanksgiving yet.

Happy Thanksgiving. What are you doing?

11 Responses to “Get into the spirit”

  1. VS_ozgirl Says:

    Glad to hear you're looking forward to thanksgiving and Christmas, hope it's great!

  2. laura Says:

    I'm finally free of the bondage of doing what people expect me to do.

    Case in point, the kids' (three youngest) Christmas show is on 12/17 - a Thursday. I missed that fact when we got four tickets to an early preview show of the new Start Wars movie (the one that starts at midnight on 12/18). One mother of a classmate called to see if I'd bring baked treats; had to say that we wouldn't be there, no we're not travelling, the men are off to the movies. Silence would have been the rest response, but I got "Well, I don't know if that would be the acceptable choice for our family." UGH!

    This will be the year that instead of being in church clothing, the boys will be in Star Wars t-shirts and life sabers and maybe even some random Halloween masks.

    "My monkeys, my circus, my big top. Move on."

    Enjoy your holidays, I am so happy for your enthusiasm. Smile

  3. livingalmostlarge Says:

    I cannot wait! VS oz Have a wonderful thanksgiving!

    Laura have fun! Hope this weekend is pleasurable and not crazy. How cool that you are going to Star Wars. We are not star wars fans (we're trekkies) but that's an awesome treat for the kids. Who cares how anyone is spending the holidays. I find myself more free now than before.

    Being where we were we had made friends and expectations. This year I am hoping to AVOID all of that. I don't want to do gifts with friends PERIOD. Last year we got into doing gifts with 4 friends when years ago I refused (since college!) And then 4 different families got us to do it. It was sooo Annoying. I feel a card is enough because it's materialistic enough and I don't feel the need to spend more than I see fit.

    But I feel forced when people buy gifts and expect something in return. A nice christmas card is all I want or need.

  4. Butterscotch Says:

    My holiday stress come with the expectation that we will be somewhere and if we don't attend 'people will be sad'. I have my family an then in laws and we don't live near any of them. To visit requires a plane ride or a ten hour car trip. We just can't do it every year, but there is the expectation that we will. I told my mother back in summer that we would be making it there this holiday season like we have for the past 4 years. Well, she said she understood but I still get texts and emails asking if we hanged our minds. I explain that we just can't afford it and she tells me that she understand but she's sad. Same story from my husbands side.

    We have invited both sides to come see us for he holidays, but they're older so that will probably never happen. So for me the holiday are just a big guilt trip. I remember loving the holidays when I was younger, but as an adult I am having trouble getting into the season.

    Glad you're enjoying it! I'm not a Scrooge and want people to put up lights and trees - always so pretty!

  5. LuckyRobin Says:

    What is duff?

  6. Livingalmostlarge Says:

    Cranberry upside down cake = duff (new england style).

    Butterscotch I get it. My in-laws like 10 and 13 hrs drive away and my family is still a plane ride. But it's shorter than it was and so much more pleasant.

    I just feel so sad that so many people I swear look like they want to tear their hair out over these holidays. They are complaining about the drive, the gifts, the everything. They seem more over it than into it. I feel terrible that it's making them so miserable and I'm honestly raring to go.

    I am ready to start making cookies and planning the month of activities. I just love even Christmas music and always have. I think my DH is getting into it too. I am excited to be buying presents and volunteering. I found a place for the kids we can do every month.

    I used to do the shelter in our town during the holidays with my mom. But my mom knew everyone since she did that sort of work and honestly she's a very kind person because of the type of work she did. She still is very kind and generous and giving. I hope to instill those values of kindness to my kids. I am failing compared to her, but I am trying.

  7. pjmama Says:

    I've dreaded the holidays these last few years just because my relationship with my family has been strained. The holidays are the time of year I'm more or less forced to spend time with them or else face a lot of guilt. This year I'm definitely more in the Christmas spirit. That may just be because we just got married and are now (though no kiddies on the way) starting our own family, with its own traditions. The holidays are about spending it with people you love and enjoy. I feel like if that's what you've got going on and can focus on that, you're golden Smile

    It's inspiring to see you so excited!!

  8. creditcardfree Says:

    It's great you are excited! The truth is we can control how other feels and respond to the holidays. As I've written on my other blog, anything one can do to limit stress around the holidays is a good thing. Sometimes that is eliminating the expectations of others!

  9. Ima saver Says:

    I have always been excited about the holidays. When i was younger, I started planning for christmas all year long. My husband started a tradition, one present for every year I was old. Of course I did the same for him and we had many, many presents to open. Most of them just tiny items, nothing real fancy or expensive! I love all the lights and decorations too! We have always had a tree, sometimes two or three in the house!
    We have no family, but we have each other! That is special enough!

  10. Joan.of.the.Arch Says:

    For some families, the outside obligations (even if they are meaningful and fun) are just multiplied this time of year. Think of the working couples with 20 minute commutes, kids in school plus regular after school activities, then the extra religious events, school plays, recitals, school exams & papers due, extra shopping, extra cooking, coordinating visits & meals with or from family on two sides (perhaps four or more sides if it is a blended family), possibly long drives to realtives, coordinating holiday child custody arrangements sometimes involving air flights, special clothing purchases, squaring away the winter apparel for everyone (finding coats bought on sale late last winter are too small anyway, gloves lost, whatever), work related parties, lunches, gift exchanges, driving older kids to their own shopping and social engagements.... It really can be a load.

  11. rob62521 Says:

    Some people complain no matter what the circumstances. They complain because they have to drive here or there to celebrate Thanksgiving, but if they didn't have somewhere to go, they would complain about that. Enjoy yourself and don't let their attitude spoil your fun.

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