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Hotel Spending on our roadtrip

August 4th, 2015 at 12:22 pm

So we had basically a month without our mortgage. Not including utilities and insurance and other stuff we were going to be spending $2500 on just the mortgage and property taxes. So I figured if we spent around there or less we'd come out ahead.

Our total hotel/camping spending came out to $1832.70 for 27 days and that included two mistakes and a huge overspend the night before we left. I also did not deduct my $50 gift card from choice hotels for two nights stay.

First off I'd like to say camping is a super cheap vacation. We spent 9 days camping for a total of $268.33. That includes paying $27.13 for a campsite one night we didn't use. So we should have spent $241.20 on average $30/night. We spent 18 days in hotels for $1654.81 averaging $87/night.

However with the hotels we made two mistakes one in Niagara Falls leaving early and paying $44 for a night we didn't stay. Second the night before we left we were staying by the airport. Unfortunately the Rodeway Inn I booked only had smoking rooms which were unacceptable and which I was refunded our money. But we had to scramble literally in the Rodeway Inn's parking lot for another place to stay on a Friday night before Saturday flights. I ended up staying at a ridiculous DoubleTree Hotel for $159.20. We had made a conscious decision to leave the car at our new place and wanted to stay within shuttle distance of the airport since our flights were at 8 am.

But overall we did well for the month. I was hoping to stay under $1500 but $1800 for the month was a great deal. That leaves me with I budgeted $1500 for food for the month eating out and stuff.

I am going to guess we may have gone over $1500 for experiences and food. I was trying to stay under $100/day but we'll see. Traveling and buying as you go makes food very expensive. Somewhat like trying to sell a home and move, you are eating from the pantry but also not shopping in bulk or sales. Instead trying to cobble together meals and buy stuff to compliment what you have rather than truly meal plan.

So our budget has been pretty blown these past few months. I shudder at trying to run the numbers.

6 Responses to “Hotel Spending on our roadtrip”

  1. creditcardfree Says:

    Moving is expensive and it is hard to predict the costs for things. I just keep paying the credit card. It's too hard to analyze it all. I'm waiting for things to calm down once both girls have started school.

  2. snafu Says:

    I hope you'll share experiences, along with cost and how you worked finances.

    I Ioved the experiences and folks we met camping. It can be fun to meal plan on a cross country trip but you are in totally different grocery aisles. A lot depends on available facilities and reliable cooler. I saw it as a nearly perpetual picnic. The library has a lot of cookbooks for camping with basic ingredients, all easily converted to microwave, induction cooktop or electric griddle/frypan.

    Our DSs learned basic cooking at 5 y/o from one of those cookbooks for university dorm students lol... cheap, fast, easy, healthy.

  3. FrugalTexan75 Says:

    If all the money mistakes you made were those two, then I'd say that was a pretty successful trip financially. Big Grin

  4. livingalmostlarge Says:

    Moving is very hard to analyze. In cities we mostly ate out because we were on the go and interested in trying local cuisine and stuff. We always eat out usually at random places when we travel. We don't necessarily and never did go to 4 star places but we'll hit local joints or food stands or just mom and pop places. It's always hit or miss. One of my favorite foods has been noodles at a train station in Japan or Squid grilled in the mountains of Japan. We also adored the food stands with stuff I have no idea what it was in China from the stands.

    With the kids we've always done food trucks late at night in NYC or DC or LA or SF. But going cross country some of the food places were amazing. One night in Bay City Michigan we tried a stein haus and there was a group of people playing in a band together practicing drinking beers. The kids loved the MUSIC.

    Snafu for camping we were packing up most nights quick so we started out fancy with steak and potatoes and eggs in foil sort of stuff. Then ended up with rice a roni and hot dogs and mac and cheese. It was exhausting.

    But I'm curious about groceries and eating out. Groceries were certainly higher everywhere we shopped mostly because we were buying at daily stuff at campgrounds since we had only a small cooler and had to buy ice to boot. Our car was already packed to the gills. Thank god we had the rooftop carrier which held the camping gear.

  5. My English Castle Says:

    Sometimes I overstress about the cost of road food. It's one of those balances that's hard to get just perfect. And new local food can be so wonderful!

  6. snafu Says:

    For anyone who likes the idea of trying out local food specialties, you might ask on Travel Advisor or better yet, ask hotel staff their favorite modestly priced restaurant and best place they've been to celetrate.

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