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Struggling here

November 10th, 2014 at 09:36 am

I am struggling where I am. Not with the cleanse, not financially, but where I am mentally. My DH had a phone interview last night with a company on the West Coast. I feel so up and down at the same time. I am excited by the possibility, yet anxious that it'll be another disappointment.

I feel the strain of hoping, planning, and praying we move. I am torn by the fact I face another two winters where we live and I HATE it. I hate everything about it. I wonder if we shouldn't pull the trigger this coming summer 2015. I feel like our lives are on hold in so many ways.

I struggle because I don't want to tell people our crazy plan because it is nuts. We are going to dump our house, quit a good paying job, and move. I don't know where or what we are going to do.

I do know my DH is no longer desperate for a job. He wants to do a career change and is excited at the prospect. He's found a niche he'd like to get into and thinks it's a better fit for him.

But what do we do? Do we move without jobs to Seattle? Portland? Or go to the more expensive San Diego or San Francisco? When? I am struggling because financially we should stay put. But at the same time financially shouldn't we take the risk?

6 Responses to “Struggling here”

  1. ND Chic Says:

    I'm confused as to why he would have an interview there when you don't plan to move for a couple years. I think he should just keep looking for a job and you move when he gets a job. Your timeline sounds stressful because you can't line up a job for two years in the future. Really, how much money do you need? You are not happy where you live. More money is not going to make you happy. You want to live by your family and your husband is excited about a job change. It is a lot of change but its not a crazy idea. Lots of people move every day to an entire new locale.

  2. creditcardfree Says:

    You know I live in a place I'm not 100% happy with, but I have found that when I change my attitude and focus on the things I love about this place I cope better. If I focus on the things I don't like, well, it's not good.

    I'm not saying don't move, but I wouldn't move without a job. In the meantime, you need look forward to moving, yet enjoy where you are for the moment. Can you come up with five to ten things you do like about where you are? What can you soak in about where you are, or who you spend time with knowing it isn't going to be forever?

  3. Petunia 100 Says:

    Maybe you are living too much for tomorrow. Planning for tomorrow is important, but so is living today. You should have things in your life which make you happy NOW, even if they might cost a bit. This may or may not be a material object; it might be living in an area you like (as opposed to one with winters you say you hate).

    Life is too short to be unhappy all the time. Best of luck to you, whatever you decide.

  4. snafu Says:

    Why not let go of all that negativity, just release it and redirect that energy into finding a job on the west coast in your area of expertise to make use your expensive education. I know you can accomplish whatever you put your mind to since you've turned DH from being happy and successful with his status, position, income and self image since late June/July.

    There is no point in moving furniture you don't like across the country, start now to develop a list and work out appropriate pricing to sell the existing stuff e been established.on FB sale, CraigsList and finally yard sale when moving dates have been established. Holiday season gives lots of conversational opportunities to nail down which family members have/could supply temporary storage space on the west coast. That would allow you to explore the least expensive ways to send memorabilia and stuff you are adamant on keeping.

    The year will wind down very soon so it isn't too early to rid yourself of unnecessary paper. It helps to use coloured stationary 'dots' to identify items to be retained while making your lists of items to sell, donate or trash. It's too much work and too expensive to pack and move 'meh' stuff.

  5. LivingAlmostLarge Says:

    NDChic because the plan is to move in 19 months without a job. But if a job offer arose before then we'd move no matter what we were doing. So the saving we are doing is in case we are unable to land jobs for awhile when we move without a job.

    CCF, where are you living? I am trying to cope, but facing winter it's a struggle.

    Petunia, I am wondering how to turn it around. I don't think counting down the days is going to work.

    Snafu, I am going to work on cleaning up. It's hard with the kids always underfoot. Personally we'd be shedding most stuff if we move. Our stuff is so old, lots of cheap furniture and older stuff not worth keeping. DH is excited at this possible new phase in life.

  6. http://buy-custom-essay.org/blog/page/7 Says:

    I'm afraid that I will not be able to pay more bills, now I'll have to go for the best of the worst works, and everything else will be fine, right?

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