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$50 lunch bag

August 26th, 2014 at 05:19 am

Yeah okay I can't believe I get to hear these conversations. So I'm sitting at playground and we're eating lunch and one friend says to another "I love that lunch bag, I've been looking for those." I say "it's cute".

They start discussing it, it's the stainless steel lunch bag on sale from pottery barn for $47. My friend says they are on sale I should buy one. I choke on my food and say um it's a little pricey.

Now I bought my sandwich kits from Costco 3 for $14. And I got thermos on sale for $8.99. I send my kids with a lot of hot foods but still it was a nice kit.

I don't get it. I know I live in a very upper middle class area. I know these people make good money. But still I find a lot of these things they are willing to spend their money on unfathomable. A lunch bag for $50? I just bought a new backpack and lunch bag with free extra lunch bag for $12 from toys r us. It's frozen and my kiddo loves it.

I'm not sure how much my DH and I would have to earn to for me to comfortable spending that sort of money without blinking. Calling $47 lunchbox on sale a good deal.

I probably need to be independently wealthy like some of the people I know. Those who already have $3-5M to be really comfortable spending like that. But otherwise I don't think so. I'll write more about this later. Because I have more interesting stories about money at the "1% working people, not the 1% independently wealthy."

11 Responses to “$50 lunch bag”

  1. BuckyBadger Says:

    You don't have to be independently wealthy to spend $50 on a lunch bag. You just have to appreciate it's appearance and styling and have $50. Sure, maybe they are in debt up to their ears and this lunch bag is going to send them into foreclosure. Or maybe they had $50 of spending money and wanted to buy a new lunch bag from the Pottery Barn.

  2. laura Says:

    It *is* monogrammed! Well worth the $47 ... so I don't know what you're shocked ...

  3. laura Says:

    HAHAHAHA! LOL! I was being sarcastic, and that was also my attempt at humor.

    Rocks in the head. I laughed at myself for buying an insulated salad kit for my daughter, the Salad Queen. It was on sale at Target, I had a Target coupon, and a Rubbermaid coupon and still felt it might have been unreasonable at $9. Though that was dismissed since she loves it and is getting more creative with her salads (adding cranberries and chicken strips).

  4. creditcardfree Says:

    OMG, I thought it was a lunch bag for adults...not a child! And NO WAY would I buy one that expensive. Paying for the name brand, well and the stainless steel which I'm sure would last awhile. However, I'm sure there are many just as cute, similar lunch bags, for far less.

    I'm not really shocked there are people like this, but more sad that they think these things are important.

  5. CB in the City Says:

    I do believe my DIL bought one for my grandson, or a similar one, anyway. At least it's on its third year, so they're at least trying to get their money's worth out of it.

    I'm afraid I was a little shocked when she first showed it to me.

  6. klarose Says:

    I agree with BuckyBadger. While I wouldn't spend that much on a lunch box, I think people should feel free to buy whatever they want. It's their money. I'm sure people would think some of the stuff I buy is crazy, but it's what I want. And no, I'm not putting my family in debt when I go purchase a $50 video game. Every single purchase doesn't have to be rational, on sale, and cheap. I work hard, if I want to splurge every once in a while, I will. Just my .02. You don't know their situation.

  7. butterscotch Says:

    I am confused as to how a bag can be made out of steel. I am going to have to go to their website to understand this...

  8. laura Says:

    Of course people can spend whatever they chose to spend their funds on. And perhaps if I wasn't sitting here in money/financial limbo I would probably be less sensitive to a $50 lunchbox.

    And, in the past, we have frequented the Vera Bradley Outlet store and purchased lunch boxes (fabric pattern to coordinate with gym bags). And my daughter did give one to her then best friend. Who was none-to-happy because she then *had* to go and buy two additional ones for her other daughters, and they weren't on sale and cost $27.50 or whatever (and we clearly didn't pay that for one, maybe 2.5). She gave me a sarcastic "thanks". So, I imagine that there are varying degrees of extravagance in lunchbox land.

  9. rob62521 Says:

    I wonder if the person think it was a great deal because it was on sale! My lunch bag is actually a square cooler I bought at a garage sale for $1. The other one I used for years and duct taped tougher gave up the ghost. It had been a gift. I carry two small Thermoses in there as well as whatever for my lunch and have some gel ice pack to keep things cool. And like someone else posted, they might be up to their eye balls in debt.

  10. LivingAlmostLarge Says:

    BB I can't imagine they are in debt. Rather they make quite a bit of money.

    Lara I bought the same salad kit probably from costco. I love it. And your story of the gift sounds like something my friend would do and I'd have to die if my other kiddo wanted one too.

    CCF I nearly dropped my lunch bag when I found out the price because the kids are 4.

    CB perhaps they got it on sale? 3 years sound like a good deal.

    Butterscotch it's stainless steel and looks nicely constructed.

    Rob, no I doubt it. I think more that they make a lot, but still have to work.

  11. snafu Says:

    I couldn't imagine what a $ 50. lunch box would look like so I checked the ad at PB. Can you imagine the reaction of that mom if she learned that the poorest of the poor, slogging knee deep in water in the rice paddies of China, eat their lunch from a tin box that looks like the one sold by PB while still yoked to their one ox! They're very common in all the cheap markets where they sell for about 6.5 Chinese Yuan, about $1. in American currency. The idea is very, very old

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