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Making Choices

July 7th, 2014 at 05:59 am

We visited with some friends this weekend at their new house! Huge, perfect, lovely. They got the lifestyle they wanted! It's 2400 sq ft house with 4/2.5 ba, attached 2 car garage, and unfinished basement, all for the rock bottom price of $650K! Amazing deal. So what's the catch?

Well they commute a solid hour without traffic and if they had to work rush hours it'd be closer to 1.5-2 hours. They live about 45 minutes from me without traffic. So it's not an easy commute and they admit that. But it's the lifestyle they wanted and they got the house they wanted at a price they could afford. We talked about it, they work close to where my DH works. And the truth is with 2 kids and a stepchild they make huge commuting sacrifices and even seeing her stepson less (he lives in the city with his mom and prefers to stay weekends to hang out with friends). But they now have a bedroom for each kid and space they didn't have before.

So my DH and I were in lust. Yeah as we looked at the brand new construction we sighed. Very cute. We agreed the sq ft and use of space was perfect. I'd change only a couple things, full bath on first floor instead of half bath, and open floor plan instead of dining room and nix the office. But size wise the house felt super large and there was tons of closet space and storage. Honestly it was more than adequate for us we both agreed.

So now I know that 2400 sq ft is more than we'd need, I suspected around 2000 depending on layout but most people I know with new construction have 4000+ sq ft, and yes it's over $1.7M. So I couldn't accurately gauge what a smaller new house would feel like.

I'm so happy my friend got the house of her dreams and the life she wants. She got everything she wanted and it is worth celebrating. I hope I get to that point as well where everything falls into place. They even managed to sell their other two homes without losing their shirts! CHEERING!!! They had been carrying one of them and shelling out $500/month because the rent didn't cover the mortgage and they were about $75k underwater. They did it! Consolidated and got something perfect they wanted. The success for them is great.

But life is about choices. And my friend said they consciously decided to live far from friends and work because they liked the quirky nature of the town they bought in, the house and lot was rural and private, and the lifestyle on the weekends of being in nature. No they are not retiring early or anytime even close to soon and this commute will be happening I would guess another 15 years. But if they decide it's too hard they can always change their minds. BUT they seems super happy with the house so I doubt it! I applaud their brave decision to go do something different.

I kind think that's the best case. If you want to change your life you do it. Life's about choices. And when it's not working you change it. And if it's still working you change it again. The only pitfall? You have to live with the choices you make.

5 Responses to “Making Choices”

  1. creditcardfree Says:

    I don't think I could do that long of a commute. It leaves very little time to enjoy the home when you are there. But yes, it is their choice! It only takes my husband 15 minutes to get to work, which is a big improvement over the 40+ minutes in our last town.

  2. ND CHIC Says:

    I'm not sure if I believe you when you say you are happy for your friends. You then point out everything wrong with their decision. We can't all make the same choices in life.

  3. ceejay74 Says:

    I'm with you -- no amount of pretty or spacious would trump location. Gotta have that short commute and proximity to friends. It's useful to look at other people's choices when you're contemplating your own big change because it helps you analyze your own thinking and make sure you know your own priorities. We don't know anyone buying new real estate right now, so we mostly get that by watching various shows on HGTV.

  4. LivingAlmostLarge Says:

    NDChic I am now in full lust with my friends house. I also am now in full knowledge of what size of house would be perfect. 2400 sq ft 4 bd/2.5 ba. That's great. Before only guesses but now I know. I think if we were staying here we'd really be looking hard at where they live to get a house of that size. We'd be weighing it VERY carefully and really weighing the pros and cons.

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