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My secret urge

May 29th, 2014 at 10:33 am

Is to charge everything I want on a credit card and not worry or consider how I'm going to pay or afford it. Then at the end of the month not pay it off.

For the record I've never done this so I've always wanted to know what it feels like. My DH and I have always been responsible with money. We were raised that that way.

But I want to know what it feels like to be irresponsible. I want to know a little bit of the thrill of not worrying about how can I afford this.

And the second part would be I'd like to see a paycheck where DH and I saved nothing. Where we just had taxes taken out and the entire thing would be deposited. Sounds nuts?

Truth is even though we make a good income I think the biggest check we've seen deposited has been $3k a pay period. When I see online people posting monthly budgets for $7k or more I wonder what it would be like to spend that much. What would I do with that much money? I know if we didn't save could potentially have that much deposited. And when we get bonuses we do see a really large cheack. But would I really feel better able to spend?

Have you paid off a lot of debt? Was it hard? Or were you always responsible? Did you change your ways? How did you change from overspending on a CC to paying it off?

7 Responses to “My secret urge”

  1. CB in the City Says:

    I don't know. To me, responsibility feels pretty darn good. I think the irresponsible ones are miserable because of the problems they bring down on themselves.

  2. creditcardfree Says:

    Our paychecks are bigger, but I have automatic savings that comes out after the deposit rather than before the deposit like I think you are referring to. Paid plenty of debt off, and do use credit cards but only for expenses we normally spend and we pay it right off each month.

  3. My English Castle Says:

    It's sort of like always being on a diet, yes? But then after a while the cravings fade. I would like more income, but I'd also like a big brownie right now.

  4. frugalredhead Says:

    Don't indulge that urge! I did for MANY years, and now have $70K in credit card debt (down from $75K in January, I am proud to say!) I am changing my ways and becoming responsible and I have been so stressed about it that I can absolutely guarantee that I will never go back to my old ways! I have never had a dime in a savings account - how can you with this much debt? (Other than my 401K, that is.) I envy you and aspire to be like you Smile

  5. LivingAlmostLarge Says:

    It sort of is like a diet and definitely harder.

    FrugalRH good job on getting out of debt. Have you been a perpetual debtor? Did you pay off some say get down to $30k then rise back up? Like perpetual dieter? That's me by the way. Perpetually on a diet.

  6. ND CHIC Says:

    The largest check you've ever had deposited is 3k? Are you paid weekly? I'm commissioned so my largest pay was $12k. If only they could all be that big. Haha

  7. LivingAlmostLarge Says:

    NdChic I think so. Nope twice a month. More than half goes to taxes and savings before it hits the account. Bonuses are sent completely into savings. Even bonus checks aren't $12k. This year the cash bonus was ~$30k and I checked the paystub we had $9600 deposited after taxes and 401k, and ESPP.

    And we pay taxes on our stock bonus as well, and see about a 1/3 of that, this year it was $53k. That went straight to investment account. So nope never seen a $12k check I believe.

    Maybe one day. Smile

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