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I find NSD hard

April 13th, 2021 at 09:59 pm

So I may not go out and spend money and it's super easy to do that during covid.  But I still find NSD hard.  Why?  Because I notice a lot of little things pop up here and there.  Like I have two medical copays that came in and I should pay today.  I already paid $610 for 2 summer camps for the kids today.  I also had to give a neighbor a check for $345 for our share of the fence repair.  So in one day I jsut spend about $955 without leaving my house and getting anything to show for it.  Yesterday I spent $54 at the vet for another blood test for the dog. 

So I haven't grocery shopped since Saturday when I spent $46 on veggies for the week. I am eating out of the freezer.  It's overly full because of our trip and we have too much bread so the kids and I are going to be eating sandwiches.  I also bought 1 week ago a $61 rib roast and it was enough for 1 meal (we invited our covid family over) so 4 adults and 4 kids ate the smoked bone in rib roast.  That brings our grocery total to $298.40 for the month so far.  The alcohol is $77.18, and the eating out is $26.69.  We plan on going to brunch on Sunday and I'm expecting $100 for that.  Then another $50 for veggies for the week and trying desperately to eat our freezer.  

I think what happened is that I overbought on meat last month because February we had used everyhing up.  Then I stocked up too much and now I don't need to buy meat for awhile. I also stocked up on toiletries and paper products and cleaning supplies so that will also be awhile.

That being said I wonder if I can ge back to complete no spend days.  Tomorrow DH is paid and I am deciding between moving $1000 to Property Taxes or Sink Funds or savings.  Unfortunately we have to wait until the next paycheck to put the rest of the money somewhere.

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