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whew - not at fault

December 20th, 2017 at 10:47 pm

Recall the accident last month? I know I wasn't at fault but it really stressed me out a lot. I guess because we had used our insurance and paid for the deductible $500 and the overage on the rental car $250. It wasn't the money but the worry that I'd have another black mark on my record. I mean 2 years ago in January 2016 I had a car accident my fault. And DH is finally getting his record of accidents clean so we might have a reasonable car insurance.

We paid $897 for 2 drivers, 2 cars for 6 months. So we're at $1800/year for 2 30-something year old drivers. We're paying like we're teenagers. In March 2017 we were priced at $2100/year. Recall the debacle of getting kicked off Ameriprise Costco for non-payment because we didn't get our mail?

Well looking back we were at $1275 for 6 months in 8/2016 or $2550/year. You can see why I was stressing out about liability and if I had made a good decision going through insurance. Before the accident we were looking at $774 for 6 months in 2/2016.

So now I'm a little more relaxed. However I will say that Commerce insurance, the company I have through AAA is terrible and useless. It took me hours of prodding them and calling Nationawide directly to determine liability (they were the other person's insurance). Also Commerce didn't respond back to the repair shop, and they didn't fax over authorization for 3 days claiming it was due to the appraisor. Turns out because it was an authorized shop I didn't need an appraisor. Ugh.

Anyway come March 2018 I plan on shopping around not just for cost but because I don't find Commerce/AAA very helpful. My AAA insurance agent never returns my calls.

AAA started a home owners insurance in June, but didn't cancel my renters insurance and kept charging me until I argued with them in September. I was then worried they hadn't started a home owners insurance. In Spetember 2017 because they didn't cancel my renters insurance they mailed my auto insurance renewal to my old address!!!!! Only because I called to inquire did they realize their mistake and did I renew my auto policy.

I guess you can say I'm done with them. But for now I'll just wait. At least I have insurance.

2 Responses to “whew - not at fault”

  1. LuckyRobin Says:

    We have had a lot of different insurances over the years and I can say hands down I have been happiest with Allstate. We have our own local insurance agent that we can physically go down to his office and talk to him and that is worth its weight in gold. While my husband's last accident that he was at fault for was 1994 and mine was 1988, we have still been in minor accidents that were not our fault and Allstate was easy to deal with. I suppose any agency that has an office you can walk into and deal one on one with an agent is. We have not been able to beat their price with any of the other name brand insurances, either. Well, there is Pemco in WA state, but that is hard to get if you have a bad driving record, and I think someone in your family has to be a teacher. They are cheaper, but very good insurance.

  2. rob62521 Says:

    Insurance is a blessing and a curse. Earlier this year we had an issue where I paid the premium, but the insurance company applied it to a vehicle we no longer owned. I was very shaken about what "could have" happened although they claim they would have taken care of us. Being cynical, I don't trust them.

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