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moving list

May 28th, 2017 at 10:26 am

This is the first time we are moving into a place and having a list of things we have and want to buy. Usually we move in and make do with what we have. I guess because this feels more permanent, and we have money we are making a list of items we want.

We are buying the king size bed we've wanted for 10+ years but never gotten. Just the mattress, we have to figure out the frame later. Also a tv and grill are on the list. 2 years when we moved we didn't have any income so it didn't make sense to spend money when we had none coming in.

We are also replacing the kids beds. They are both in queens and we want to move them to smaller beds and get them desks. For now the DK1 will get a twin bunk bed and the DK2 will keep twin until we figure out our guest room situation. So we are able to sell/recycle two queen size beds. The truth is one is our old bed which we handed down when we bought a foam mattress. The other a friend gave us and so we didn't pay for it.

Right now we are looking at $1150 for a king size purple mattress for us. Two twin mattresses for the bunk bed.

We also need stools for our island. But since I can't recall if it's extra tall or regular counter height i'll buy them asap when we move in.

We also shopped playsets but they are so expensive that DH instead wants to try and buy a used one on craigslist because it appears that many people just try to get rid of it after their kids outgrow it. So though we budgeted $2000 we're going to see if instead we can spend $500 and get something better quality.

Interestingly we bought a lawn mower and seeder from our sellers. We were driving by their house yesterday and they were having a garage sale. DH and I were going to drive by when he sees the lawn mower. He stops and hops out and offers them money because hey we need it. So for $25 we got a mower and seeder.

As far as packing? Right now we are starting to sell and purge what we don't need. I think more than packing selling and getting rid of stuff we don't need will probably help more in the long run. We have quite a few items we are looking at and will start selling or donating.

5 Responses to “moving list”

  1. rob62521 Says:

    Good deal on the lawn mower and seeder!

    Hope you can find a play set more reasonable than what you budgeted for!

  2. Laura S. Says:

    I made $800 selling on FB Marketplace last week. It sure feels good to purge. Good luck with the move!

  3. creditcardfree Says:

    Smart to let go of the stuff you know you don't need before paying someone to move it for you.

  4. househopeful Says:

    I found some really nice stools at Target (painted wood) that are counter height for a very decent price. They arrived only a few days after being ordered and have a nice high back that I was looking for. Great job with the market place! I am working on selling more stuff asap.

  5. LuckyRobin Says:

    Not sure where you are shopping, but if you have a Mattress Depot near you, they are way cheaper than anyone else I've seen. When we were looking for my son's mattress a couple weeks ago, we found the same beds we were looking at elsewhere for a few hundred dollars less. He is loving the quality of the one we got him, too.

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