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Road trip part 4

June 12th, 2015 at 08:20 pm

Okay Ideas people. Ideas of places to eat, visit, or stay, or anything I can't miss. Here's a list of cities I've ironed out we're doing. AAA is driving me nuts trying to get me to iron out my itinerary. I'm not that sort of person honestly. I am more a "well see when we get there kind of person." And a book a hotel couple of hours before we need it depending on when we make it.

Niagara OT
Saginaw, MI
St Ignace
Picture Rock National Lakefront
Green Bay WI
Sioux Falls
Wall SD
MT Rushmore
Glacier National Park

This trip is planned on us being on the road for 3 weeks. OMG in way it's insane. And at the same time I am so psyched. I love hearing people's places to eat and see. PLEASE chime in anything. I'm debating going back to blogspot to make it easier for me to post pictures of stuff.

Be ready for a cool photo montage if you help me plan awesome stuff to see or do.

4 Responses to “Road trip part 4”

  1. ceejay74 Says:

    I can only do Minneapolis. Let's see (sometimes it's hard when you live there to know what's really cool). Depending on what you like, places to see:
    The Basilica
    The Walker Art Center sculpture garden (Spoon Bridge & Cherry sculpture)
    Summit Avenue in St. Paul (lots of gigantic mansions)
    The Mill City Museum
    Mall of America (kind of meh, but world famous)
    The skyway system in downtown
    The Foshay Tower
    MIA (Minneapolis Institute of Arts) museum
    Guthrie Theater
    The Mary Tyler Moore statue (and/or Basil's; if you're a fan of the show it was featured in the opening credits)
    The new Twins stadium
    First Avenue (the club featured in Purple Rain, kind of grungy and you've got kids with you so probably not an option)

    My favorite restaurants:
    Trieste Cafe (open for lunch on weekdays) Greek/Middle Eastern
    Emily's Lebanese Deli
    Kinh Do or Vo's (both Vietnamese)
    Uptown Diner
    Bryant Lake Bowl
    Sen Yai Sen Lek (Thai)
    Ghandi Mahal (Indian)
    Harry Singh's (Caribbean)
    Black Forest Inn (German)
    It's Greek to Me (Greek, of course)
    Masu Sushi Robata
    Pizza Luce
    Punch Pizza
    Evergreen (Chinese)
    Szechuan Spice
    Broder's Pasta Bar
    Bar La Grassa
    One iconic thing (I haven't tried because I'm vegan) is the Juicy Lucy, a hamburger stuffed with cheese. 2 places claim to have the best, Matt's and the 5-8 Club.
    Have heard good things about Revival (chicken/Southern) and Anchor Fish & Chips
    Nicollet Mall is known as "Eat Street" and especially famous for pho (Vietnamese noodle soup). I believe Quang's, Pho Tau Bay, Jasmine 26, Pho 79 are all considered good.

  2. MonkeyMama Says:

    I can't help but I would love to see the montage. Big Grin
    Oh, we are the same way with our road trip planning, or any kind of planning. We are flexible planners (because you know crap is always going to happen and plans are always going to change). On a BIG trip like this I would think it would be even more important to keep it flexible.

  3. snafu Says:

    Any auto travel across several states we've used Hotwire.com for accommodation with only an hour or two notice. Helps to be specific about needs like crib or cot, entertainment etc.

  4. doingitallwrong Says:

    If you've got some flexibility, the Dow Gardens in Midland, just outside of Saginaw, are gorgeous. www.dowgardens.org

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