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More calculations on Moving Part 3

May 19th, 2015 at 01:16 am

After test driving the minivan, it wasn't bad and I liked the roominess. But pricing out the shipping it is $1350 for Sonata and $1500 for the subaru. At that price I'm really not sure it's worth shipping the Sonata worth maybe $6500. And the subaru it is, but perhaps to save $1500 it's worth just driving that and deciding if we need a second car when we get there.

Further calculations on moving. Of course we do what we do because we're OCD crazy researchers trying to figure out the cost of our stuff. So my DH calculated the cubic feet of each pod and the cost to move each pod. As well as calculating ABF Uhaul the linear foot cost and the size per cubic foot for that linear foot. A linear foot is actually 1 x 8 x 9 for the truck but we have to decrease the walls. We also got the interior dimensions of the pods we were considering.

We have a complex excel spreadsheet and it works out to Door to Door Pods are $3.72 per cubic foot to move (223 cubic feet) , Packrat/Pods is $6.05 per cubic foot (1024 cubic ft), ABF Upack is $9.95 per cubic feet for first 5' minimum but then goes to $2.13 per cubic feet (we used 16 linear ft). But we obviously have at lest 5 linear feet so really our cost will be $2.13 per cubic feet.

Further thoughts are that using movers even transporters like Budget Van Lines is hiring is $5800 = $6.76 per cubic foot or $5.13 per cubic foot doing it ourselves. Now this is doing their suggested 6000 lbs and approximately 857 cubic ft. So using movers isn't necessarily more expensive than doing it ourselves.

Of course without selling single more piece of furniture we are at approximately with our storage and measurements 857 cubic feet. But we both know that is going down since we are selling more stuff off.

But the question still lies what the most economical way for us to move and what is worth moving?

So we have to further balance out the cost per cubic foot which we did to all our furniture since we could measure it. And we have that on a spreadsheet and we are currently evaluating costs. Most stuff is worth more than $2.13 per cubic feet. However we are between a rock and hard place.

If we move and our stuff doesn't fit in our rental what do we do? And we are definitely moving into a rental before buying so we have to move again. So is it worth purging to buy new stuff we may decide to purge in 1 year when we move into a home we buy?

These are questions hard to put a price tag on. Hope I haven't bored you and made you question the price of moving stuff.

2 Responses to “More calculations on Moving Part 3”

  1. creditcardfree Says:

    I would get rid of anything you don't absolutely love. And the truth is each place is different and furniture fits in different too.

    Do you have any idea what type of rental you might get? A two bedroom, or three? Will it have garage space? If you know which town, I'd at least be looking at approx how much square feet rentals that appeal to you have. Once you have that general idea compare it to the amount you have now. If it is considerably less you probably do need to get rid of some things...unless you are willing to pay to store them in a storage facility.

    I'm having concerns about two couches we have. We inherited them from my parents about two years ago. I dislike them quite a bit. If we move them I know they would get put upstairs in our bonus room. And likely never come back out because of the hassle of bringing them back down. However, if we move without them I need to sell or drop off somewhere leaving me with no couches for a short period of time. If we do this, I expect we would start looking at couches when we arrive at our new destination.

    It is a lot to figure out and there is no perfect answer. Go with your instinct and be okay with how it works out. Oh, and I would hire movers any day for lifting over doing it yourselves. It is really hard work and if the cost difference isn't that much...although I guess I didn't do the exact calculations.

  2. LivingAlmostLarge Says:

    Agree about purging more. I am leaning towards purging because I think we'll be in a rental of 1000-1400 sq ft. we live in 1900 sq ft but a lot.is unused and poorly designed with staircases. But at the same time we are pretty minimalist just because we never thought we'd be staying put so we always said when we move to our final home then we'd buy real furniture and stuff.

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