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Kid's Birthday Parties

October 30th, 2014 at 06:39 am

Uggh, I am trying to plan my winter baby's 5th birthday party. I never thought it would be so expensive and so much trouble. I wish I had a large home to invite people over and just have a lunch or afternoon snack. Last year I would guess I spent around $450 on the party when all was said and done.

So we have 30 kids total including 2 of my own. Yes we have 28 friends we see on a very regular basis (ie weekly). The bulk of which we've known for years. My options thus far. The two jumping places I'd do an afternoon 2-4 pm party and just snacks, cake, and juice again.

1. Jump 1 (same as last year) = $349 for 25 kids + $10/kid = $400
2. Jump 2 = $325 for 24 Kids + $12/kid = $400,
3. Bowling 1 = $8.50 per child = $225 but we need to do pizza and drinks (required by bowling alley), and based on times I'd be feeding adults and kids. So I would guess @ $10 cheese pizza and $7.50 Pitchers I'd be looking at 10 pizzas and 10 pitchers?
4. Bowling 2= $250 for bowling and cake but I think I'm capped @ 20 kids which is the real problem. I can't find kids to cut.
5. $245 Ice Skating + $25 Room Renta + $75 Skate rentals = $345 plus food, and since they are turning 5 I wonder how many would be into it? My DK has been taking skating lessons and skates solo but most haven't taken lessons and I would guess most parents can't ice skate.
6. Children's Museum - $475 for package but unsure if it's firmly capped at 25 kids.

Okay help me out with ideas. There is no way I am fitting 30 kids into my townhouse. There is no way it can be held outdoors in January. For my younger child I do a park and lunch but that's just not an option here.

What should I do?

5 Responses to “Kid's Birthday Parties”

  1. doingitallwrong Says:

    My sister is going through this same thing. Can you rent a hall at your church, or a community center, for a reasonable price? Then just do an 'old-fashioned' party with pin the tail on the donkey, a pinata, musical chairs, maybe an art station, hot dogs and popcorn, etc. Some McDonald's have extensive party packages, others have more casual arrangements; one in this area is $10 for the room (not a play area) and then $3.99 for a Happy Meal for each kid. Some of the libraries here also offer party rental, so you can do a book-themed party, have a story time, etc. I think for a 5-year-old it doesn't need to be as elaborate as it might be for older kids. If you have some teen girls available, dress them up as Anna and Elsa and the party will be an instant hit, whatever else you do.

    There are lots of party ideas here that might spark a solution for you:

  2. creditcardfree Says:

    Good idea from previous poster to think of where you might rent a room! Check out art museums, children's museums, pizza places with arcade games (that are easy to play for kids), indoor swimming pools, gymnastic studios, art studios, make your own jewelry stores, a zoo that is open in the winter with indoor areas, a cooking school, science museum, movie theater, children's theatre/playhouse, dance studios, nature center (with an indoor building)...I feel like the possibilities are endless. Good luck!

  3. laura Says:

    Check your local YMCA. Rates are lower if you're a member. You can do a 2-hour rock climbing wall or dance party for $100 for 10-12 children. Or see if your local Park District has a room to rent. Far more reasonable than the prices you're considering. Maybe consider celebrating the big years (5/10/13) with big parties and put the expense into those.

  4. scfr Says:

    What does your child want? If it turns out that your child would prefer a smaller gathering that would greatly expand your options, including possibly hosting at your home. Some children really enjoy a big bash with lots of people, but some prefer a more intimate event with close friends.

  5. LivingAlmostLarge Says:

    No McD with party room. And the YMCA is $350 for party rental. LOL. It's a HCOLA. I asked her and she would like her friends. Too young for rock climbing and I considered something more sedate. But she's pretty active and initially wanted ice skating or sledding. Ice skating too dangerous since she's the only one that skates (most haven't and parents don't either). And sledding nothing nearby to do.

    I also checked the elks $200/hr, churches $175-250/hr room rental rates. Things are not cheap in the area. I've been calling and calling and calling.

    I did find a groupon for $194 for a gymanstics birthday party but it covers only 20 kids and because it's drop off it requires kids be 5. So some friends wouldn't be able to get dropped off.

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