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shopping deals

July 18th, 2014 at 11:04 am

So I bought a Britax Frontier 90 from Kohl's. They are having a sale where if you use their CC you get 30% off with BEACH30, plus it can stack with the BRITAX30 coupon so the carseat I bought which is running $269 on amazon I got for $223. $329 original - $30 Britax coupon code - 30% off = $210 + tax = $223. Plus I earned $40 Kohl's cash and going through shop discover an extra 5% cash back.

I've been waiting for a triple dip deal like this. And the carseat is a necessity, not a want. My DK1 has outgrown her convertible seats and this is the harnassed booster.

Anyway I'm toying with convincing my DH to allow me to buy the Dyson vacuum. We also need to buy him a new rechargable toothbrush.

But I can get the dyson I have been eyeing for $320 out of pocket and I can possibly get 5% shopdiscover. It's on sale for $499 @ kohl's - $15 off - 30% BEACH30 - $40 Kohl's cash and we're looking at $320!

I made also posted I was up to $275 from surveys and sales I think I can perhaps come up with a "credit" to take advantage of this deal.

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