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a great weekend

July 13th, 2014 at 06:57 pm

I have a lot to be thankful for and I'll try to post pictures but gotta find the camera. We went camping for the first time with the kids and it was great. A bit hardcore for me and honestly I think my DH overstretched a bit but we survived and I'm proud/surprised.

We had to semi-backpack in stuff, used a wagon, and didn't take a stroller. Carrying an almost 2 year old who fell asleep while we walked to the campsite was not fun. As my DH dragged/carried everything and I semi chased our 4 year old. We did have running water but we had to carry out trash and brought everything. But getting away was lovely and the scenery was awesome. Same thing happened the second day since we didn't have the stroller, the toddler fell asleep and I ended up hiking carrying her. I ended up stopping and sitting with 25 lb dead weight. Lesson learned. Although we did get mad props from other campers for going with two very young children. Note to self, camping with kids is a lot harder than when you are younger!

But it was a lovely weekend. Kids had fun. Now my DH wants to do a kayaking trip with the kids. Park one car 30 miles down river and kayak/camp. I'm not sure what to do. Advice peeps please. We love kayaking and do it a lot with the kids, but I am hesitating because I wonder if again something we didn't think about with a 2 year old will make the trip bad.

FWIW, my DH doesn't think we're at all outdoorsy type people. He grew up backpacking and camping a lot more than we're doing to the kids. He used to be part of an annual winter all guy camping trip, where they dig out an igloo and sleep in -40C or something stupid. I don't know why they did/do it. And he biked across eastern canada in his college days with a friend. Or backpacking for a week. So him pushing us is not surprising, me going along with it is.

I grew up camping only at the beach. My idea of camping is a pickup truck with bedding, lots of food, bonfire, and friends. I had camped once before I met my DH if you call getting drunk in the desert "camping". And I will admit to being terrified of bears and wild animals.

So suggestions for camping or easy trips might help me as well. I have to dig up pictures.

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