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we're set

May 16th, 2017 at 09:49 pm

So the appraisal came through and we are set for closing on June 9th. We actually were already done with our mortgage and cleared to close sans appraisal. I'm very excited and happy. It's a relief. We know we are set to close and no longer waiting on an appraisal and worrying what happens during negotiations with the sellers.

That being said now my DH is ready to talk moving. We have decided we're buying the king size bed we've desired for years. Until we moved two years ago we didn't have a choice since it wouldn't fit up the stairs to our bedroom.

We also have to decide what to do about the kid's beds. They both have queen size beds, one we got for free and the other is our old bed from when we got a memory foam. I think we should do twin beds but let one keep a queen? We don't have a guest bedroom.

That's the other thing. We have to decide how to manage the renovations we are planning. We need to replace the windows, ceiling, and paneling on the 1st floor but the question is do we do an extension/bump out or do we just reconfigure the space we have? We have 700 sq ft but it's poorly laid out. We could probably create a bedroom downstairs if we got rid of the laundry room.

But of course this is something we have to consider carefully so we don't do something stupid and overspend or not do something that doesn't cost much more to improve the house.

This is stressful. Plus we are nervous about movers and planning since the sellers are living in the house supposedly until June 30th. But what if they aren't out? Or if they move sooner? These are all questions swirling about.

Now that we know we are closing I feel like I next will contact the school and register the kids. I also need to determine if we are doing private school as well for the DK2. I think she's a bit young for kindergarten and was considering private school so she'll have extra help for the 1st year and more attention. So much to do and so little time.

5 Responses to “we're set”

  1. Carol Says:

    Can you stay where you are while you have repairs/renovations done?
    Ceilings and reconfiguration would be nice to have done before all of your stuff is moved in.
    My daughter had windows replaced and it was fast and not messy. You could decide about beds after you're there a bit. I think I'd keep one queen, but then I used to have lots of company.

  2. creditcardfree Says:

    You are closing before they move out?! I would reconsider that, as that most definitely could cause problems.

    Congratulations! You have a new home. Smile

  3. Laura Says:

    Have a one month lease for them to sign at closing with fees outlined. We had a similar situation and they needed to stay an additional 60+ days (wasn't detrimental to us since we rented from my grandmother). How fun! A new home!!

  4. Debt-free by Thir-ty Says:

    We also went through something similar. There was a rent back clause included where they essentially paid the first month's mortgage. If they left earlier, we owed them the prorated amount. There were also stipulations for the condition of the house - that it had to be turned over in the same condition.

  5. LivingAlmostLarge Says:

    We only have a month on our lease so it's not worth it. We can't get quotes and work done before hand.

    Very typical the rentback it's free. There is no lease except was was written in the contract. They have pay rent after July 1st but we're more ready to move in than to get money.

    They asked for it in the agreement, many places did unfortunately but we had lots of flexibility.

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