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Home Inpsection update

May 8th, 2015 at 06:18 am

The home inspection did not go well. Well I guess overall it did. But a crack was found in the foundation and the buyers are obviously worried. This happened Wednesday afternoon. The one pro is that this is all they are worried about. They haven't really asked about the roof, the water heater, furnace, which are all original to when we bought 2005. Now all they are focusing on is the crack in the foundation.

So yesterday (thursday) I had our structural engineer come out and tell me what was wrong. He said he couldn't tell really without taking down the wall because from our crawlspace there was another wall three feet away from the original foundation. What he thought was it's coming apart because it's 1880s house and it's par for the course and area. Nothing uncommon or unknown.

So he said he really couldn't tell anything until taking apart but he said he could give a report on what he thinks is the problem and could be done. The price? $5-10k and $1-2k for his stamp as an engineer.

Now we're on the hook for 40% of the costs and our neighbors are concerned because they want to sell next year. We're okay shelling out the $5k as a credit to the buyers.

The problem? We don't want to deal with the construction. We don't want them to walk away from the deal because it's PIA to do construction. We are on the hook with them and right now my DH and I are planning on moving and they have given us the time frame.

I don't think we can do anything else but wait and see what they want. They are obviously waiting for the report.

They were unable to get a structural engineer out to our property yesterday. They sent an email stating that they were calling and no one could come until next week. When we did it they were pretty excited that we were just moving forward with our own report.

I'm thinking that perhaps they want to work with us and aren't running for the hills yet. Keep your fingers crossed. My DH and I have always been on pins and needles selling our place. There has always been problem we've worried with an old home and I will never, ever do this again.

6 Responses to “Home Inpsection update”

  1. CB in the City Says:

    Well, that's a stroke of bad luck. But for an 1880's construction, it's to be expected that things like this will occur eventually. I hope the sellers stick with you. Offering them a credit is a good move.

  2. klarose Says:

    Hope it gets worked out for you!

  3. LAL Says:

    God i hope they stick with us too. The real problem is them leaving, not the money or the problem. These crazy old houses are ridiculous! But hopefully this won't stop our sale.

  4. creditcardfree Says:

    I understand how you want to hold on to a buyer...I tried to hold on to our first one when they walked. They saw a ceiling leak we were in the midst of fixing a reason to walk away. It's all fixed now of course! If they walk...get the house back on the market, have realtor contact the the other offers and keep moving forward with the repair. I think if they feel you will get it repaired they are more likely to stay. I'm guessing they want you to take care of it before you move in. I would...because what if it cost more than you are offering? Wishing you well!!

  5. LAL Says:

    I am hoping to not do construction and would rather pay more money to get them to do it. We are willing to capitulate a lot to keep going and not do this. But we'll see what they want.

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